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The School of Embodied Healing Systems will serve you - the most tender-hearted teachers, coaches, psychologists, therapists, healers and leaders through your own embodiment and awakening. As a result, you will have confidence in your ability as a competent, loving & powerful facilitator of lasting transformation in those you work with.

Empowering you with practical tools. In depth knowledge of trauma (shock trauma, developmental trauma) and the healing of trauma.

As well as tools for helping you and your clients self-actualize (live the fullest expression of your true self) and live in your gifts & genius.

As a practitioner who helps humans transform, you are a practitioner of life. And this school will help you facilitate that process with gentle hands. You’ll know how to facilitate transformation beyond behaviour modification, beginning with your own personal embodiment work.

At this crisis point in humanity, we are in a pivotal state of change.


As leaders, therapists, coaches, healers, and transformation practitioners we are being called to higher levels of leadership, deeper cultivation of our gifts, and true embodiment of our genius work.

We’re all feeling the pull, the call to cultivate deeper wells of transformation and change.

These times ask us to shift beyond surface level-systems and behaviour modification into a place of lasting inner transformation. 

Embodied Healing Systems is the first of its kind - Part certification, part personal awakening and part mystery school. Taking you as a practitioner on a journey from the inside-out to LIVE the work of healing and as a result, you will be a powerful support to the transformation of the clients you serve. 

The Embodied Healing Systems Curriculum...


The Structure of the Program

Every month there will be a live training call, one Q&A call, one embodiment call, and supplementary learning materials.

The supplementary learning materials can include: pre-recorded videos, audio trainings, PDFs, and more.  The supplementary learning materials may not be in the same format each month.

All the live calls will be recorded. 

The final day to submit an application is July 20th, 2021. 

Class begins on August 3rd, 2021.  

At the End of this 10 Month Journey You Will

  • Know how to apply ancient spiritual wisdom in practical ways that support the powerful transformation and lasting change in yourself and your clients
  • Understand the work of trauma & healing pioneers such as: Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Stephen Porges, & Dr. Allan Schore
  • Understand some of the more technical/physiological components of trauma and trauma resolution.
  • Further your own personal embodiment, differentiation and self-actualization process.
  • Open up your heart to the true and unique work you are meant to embody. The work that you, and only you are here for in the world. And the gift of that work.
  • Have practical knowledge and tools for helping clients truly transform beyond behaviour modification and into their deeper imprints.
  • Have a firm grasp of what trauma is, how it works, the intricacies of shock trauma vs developmental/complex trauma.
  • Learn the paradigm of wholeness that frees your clients to trust their own body to do the healing and transformation work without force or control.
  • Learn how the first 3 years of life impact the rest of your life.
  • Learn how to practice attunement and co-regulation with yourself and your clients.
  • Learn how to truly meet your client where they are.
  • Learn how to read the trauma in the room.
  • Learn how to navigate your own and your client triggers/destabilization and rupture-repair dynamics.
  • Learn what it means to guide a client’s spiritual gifts and spiritual power in a non-religious, non-dogmatic way that truly helps them connect deeper to themselves, God (if they desire), life, and nature.
  • Know how tools like human Design and Gene Keys aid the process of self-actualization and individuation.
  • Know how to come to your client work without an agenda or need to force the process but instead to approach the process with an understanding and trust in the co-creation process between you and your client.
  • You’ll learn how to incorporate tools and systems without becoming dependent upon them or stifling the organic healing process.

And so much more...


In these changing times, when humanity is in great need of deep soul and body nourishment, the true value is not necessarily on what you “know”. But on what you have taken in through your very being. What you have seen within you and wrestled with as a result of being illuminated by that knowledge.

What you have integrated to become part of your way of being... what you have integrated to wisdom.

Your own unique presence has a frequency, the frequency of your highest expression of gifts, and the shadows (which are not bad or wrong) of your presence where the light hasn’t quite penetrated.

And the ability for you to be in tune with your own presence - at all levels, even the shadowy places - is what creates the conditions for the depth of transformation to occur in those you touch with your work.

For this reason, I’ve created The School of Embodied Healing Systems. The place for practitioners, therapists, coaches, and others in the field of human healing and transformation to not only learn more information ( though you WILL learn very valuable and in-depth info as I'm sure you've already read) but to also engage your body in the knowledge.

To walk inward on a journey of personal awakening and transformation. And to study the mysteries of living spiritual wisdom in a way that is practical in your life and work.

This is the first of its kind - part practitioner training, part personal awakening, part mystery school.

A place for you to crystallize what you learn along the way, and access the deep well of your own knowing.

As a result of this journey, your work with clients will transform because you will transform... the resonance and quality of your presence will touch those you touch as you do your important and valuable work with your clients, students, and patients.




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