The Nervous System is a big deal these days - everyone is talking about it! And rightfully so. After all, it is a governing body system that has an impact on every single other body system!

And it is the essential component when it comes to trauma and trauma healing.

But what actually is the nervous system? And how do your different nervous system states impact the trauma healing journey? 


Watch this free video (it’s just over 20 minutes), to learn the nervous system basics.

Here’s what I’m covering in this short training 

  • What the nervous system is and its many branches(CNS, PNS & ANS) 

  • What the window of tolerance is and what it feels like

  • The three key nervous system states that are impacted by both trauma and healing

  • The connection between your thoughts and your nervous system

  • Understand the Freeze Response As it Relates to Trauma in the Body 

  • Intro to Polyvagal Theory

  • Intro to Coregulation 


Download the Nervous System Basics Training