Who are you Really?

It hurts my heart to see women who are successful and high performing struggle to feel truly safe with business and money. To see them struggle to feel present and settled in the amazing life they’ve created…
…Even after accomplishing things 90% of people wouldn’t dream of accomplishing.
As a healing and alignment coach, it hurts me.
And I created SUPERNOVA to meet this raw need I see.
To help you remember who you are - and that you are different - truly unique. And that the work you are here to do is special, and huge and magnificent, and that you are worthy of receiving and feeling safe with money as you bring that vision into the world.
To help you break free from the bondage of money chasing and ground your feet and heart so deeply into what you came here to do that your heart bursts with light and begins to dissolve the resistance.
Sure business is hard, at times - but it’s not meant to be a marathon of pain. It’s not meant to feel empty.
It feels that way when we lose sight of who we truly are and what we came here for.
You’re not meant to feel as though you left your power and excellence and true work on the cutting room floor. So you could produce money.
You’re meant to bring all that magic through. Purely. From your heart of hearts.
And if business is starting to feel like a sea of pain, emptiness, stress and confusion - I’m here to show you a better way. A way in which you feel present, nourished, healthy and alive and in the heart of your best work.
It’s about so much more than money. Money is a piece of it, sure - but You know how to make money. And you know it’s not the answer.
Now, you’re looking for soul body prosperity. And elevated high consciousness conversations and experiences.
I am not here to sell you the grind. You know how to do that already.
I am here to help you bring forth your great work from your heart and help you heal soul mind and body along the way.
I am here to help you restore your faith in the original dream. And in yourself.
I am here to help you feel more present in your life - more ALIVE.
If you are in my world you’re here to make something amazing.
You’re here to create something incredible.
Your vision is sky high - or higher.
And you are not here to compromise your health, sanity or vitality along the way.
And the great news is that You simply don’t have to.
This is the final week to join Supernova. I’ve had some incredible conversations with the women who are hopping in and we are about to go on an amazing ride together. We are having an elevated conversation and experience around prosperity, business healing and alignment.
This work is truly holistic - as I am teaching about the nervous system, facilitating embodiment exercises and guiding you through work that will fundamentally change your experience of business and help you materialize your vision with authority in the world.
This is not sales scripts.
This is not 10k in 30 days.
This is deep dive, full soul-body integration, healing and alignment that leads to LIBERATION in business and money.
We are getting to the core.
The essence of it all.
The essence of YOU.
It’s just what I do.

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