Your Spiritual Gifts

I used to be scared to own my gifts as a healer. To claim that.
But I realized that to steward the gift, I had to own it. Fully. Regardless of what others may think. Regardless of what even I may think of myself!
If you’ve got a gift you’ve got it. Not because you “deserve” it. But because you’ve been blessed with it. That’s what makes it a gift.
Mind you I’ve done a fair share of mining that gift and honing it over the years. Even still - There is a mysterious element to it, as there is with all spiritual gifts.
It takes courage to own the gifts you’ve been given. It’s vulnerable. It’s tender to offer it to the world. To say “I can help you with that, I can hold that space for you”.
But when you own the gift, you are empowered to steward it in service - from a pure place in your heart.
From a desire to serve a higher purpose.
Your gifts are needed in the world and it is your sacred responsibility to own them.
You don’t have to be perfect!
That’s why it’s a gift. It’s a mystery, remember?
You only need to be willing to do your best in service. In devotion to your own journey with the Divine and those you encounter.
That will always be enough. Always.
Trust yourself. Trust the blessing of the gift. Let your light shine.
PS… there’s a new podcast episode out on The Private Embodied Healing Systems Podcast. It’s about why I don’t believe in trigger warnings as a trauma healing practitioner 😮
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