Repairing Relational Trauma

At its core, repairing relational trauma as in complex and childhood trauma (including family dysfunction) requires intimacy. New experiences with intimacy and being seen in new and safe ways.
That’s messy business! 🥰
It FEELS messy and chaotic. It’s not something you can mindset your way into - or intellectualize or talk around.
Sure there’s some mindset involved - but the actual healing and renegotiation work is body stuff. Plain and simple.
The work I do with clients is about tapping into those intimacy and relational patterns at their core.
I work with super smart, ambitious, talented tender hearted people who have been able to figure ALOT of things out with their minds and mindset, and even some emotional work.
They’ve built lives they are proud of and thankful for and accomplish more than most - others wonder how they can do it all….
And yet?
They still have pockets of life that feel mysteriously challenging.
For example:
✍🏾Difficulty feeling a sense of connection with self and others
✍🏾Challenges with naming emotions or sensations
✍🏾High level of activation around parents and family
✍🏾Mysterious health issues like autoimmune, chronic fatigue or chronic pain
✍🏾High functioning depression and anxiety
✍🏾Feelings of heaviness
✍🏾Losing pockets of time (disconnecting)
✍🏾Struggling to accept how much previous trauma has impacted them
✍🏾Lack of spiritual connection to something greater
✍🏾Pervasive feelings of emptiness and loneliness that feel overwhelming.
✍🏾High functioning dependencies
When you work with me we take it to the next level. Beyond thinking, talking and mindset.
I help you touch into these patterns at their root in gentle, measured ways. I know the healing journey inside and out. From shock trauma to family dysfunction to cellular impact to DNA impact to codependency and more.
You become aware of things you didn’t know were there, and through that uncomfortable awareness, you are able to repair within the container.
In this work - you touch into the pattern itself inside your body. I help you navigate those intensities and build new patterns for relationships and intimacy within your physiology.
It’s very deep work, and it’s very restorative.
When you work with me, you’re working with someone who understands what it actually MEANS to say “trauma is stored in the body” and you’re working with someone who knows what to DO with that.
When it comes to trauma work, the coaching relationship is very special - it’s a container for co-regulation and space holding in a different way beyond the mind, beyond your thoughts and intellectualizing of the patterns.
I believe feeling at home inside our bodies is our birthright and it gets wounded and stolen in the early years of family dysfunction and childhood trauma.
And I am here to help you reclaim that birthright, holistically - from the inside out.
My work is helping people heal for real - at levels you may have not even been aware we’re possible for you. Mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally.
Are you a high performer (entrepreneur, executive, physician, or coach) who values both integrity and ambition? And within that - are you finding yourself beginning to recognize some patterns that could be trauma related?
I’m here to help you heal for real baby!
Go to to apply to work with me for 1-1 coaching.

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