On this episode of the podcast I have an incredible woman, entrepreneur, mother and shining star joining me for an interview! One of my beautiful clients - Doreen Korba!  Doreen is a life and business coach who became an entrepreneur after 15 years as a marketing executive. She also holds a Masters Degree in counseling psychology. Doreen helps her clients have time and financial freedom with mindset and business strategy tools. She is a wife and mom of 4 beautiful children.


She works with me 1-1 and is also part of the first class of my certification program, Embodied Healing Systems.

Listen to this episode to hear a little bit of Doreen’s story of grief and loss as well as what her experience has been like with the somatic, trauma healing work that we do in our coaching together. She shares how the work has helped her in her life and business journey. 

She also shares what she is getting out of Embodied Healing Systems that is helping her in her own successful coaching practice.


 Watch the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2lti17D_nU&ab_channel=ShylaCash

Doreen’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachkorba/
Listen to Doreen’s podcast: https://coachkorba.com/podcast
Go to Doreen’s website: https://coachkorba.com/about

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