You were BORN to Prosper!

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. '” — Jeremiah 29:11.

…..You were BORN to prosper!

As in it’s not a nice thing to have.
As in it’s what you came here to DO.

Supernova is the Spiritual Mastermind for Leaders and Entrepreneurs. It is 3 months of PURE healing and prosperity. It’s about you prospering from your heart in the HIGHEST most RADIANT expression of your gifts.

It is you dancing in the grace that comes from being willing to shed the next layer of fear and shame and show up in the world as your self, in your essence - believing that all that is required for you to prosper is to follow the call within your heart.

This is not just another money mastermind.

This is a prosperity CONTAINER which revolves around your personal healing and alignment.

This is about your soul’s expression, your deep healing and accessing the prosperity that is written into your DNA through bringing your DHARMA into this world with love and grace.

This is healing and freedom from fear and control around money - shedding every lie that has told you it couldn’t be possible for you to truly own it and do business THAT simply, purely - that SOUL-LED.

This is liberation from the conditioning that has told you you must show up like this, do this or that to make money. NO baby. You were meant to let your true essence shine, and serve from your heart and flow in relationship with the divine, ever expanding, feeling MORE healthy and fulfilled and soul-satisfied along the way.

I am here bringing the good news my love.

It has always been meant to be beautiful, driven by faith in yourself and the divine. Operating in the powerful gifts you were born with, blessing the world, serving from overflow from your heart of hearts.

I’m here bringing the good news darling.

The pressure is simply the old paradigm falling away. It doesn’t fit. It doesn’t belong in your heart anymore. The SUPERNOVA has already begun.

And you are gonna stay with it, move with it say yes and EVOLVE.

The Doors to SUPERNOVA are wide open my love. Walk through.

Doors close November 1st.


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