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Entrepreneurial Stress - A Healthy & Holistic Way to Respond 

There is a push and pull to growth. We feel pulled to grow so that we can become people who do the amazing things we dream of doing and feel the amazing things we dream of feeling. And yet, the process of growth is a valley of internal obstacles. One of the obstacles that can show up in the valley is trauma. Life calls us to move through the trauma that has kept us coping rather than living, so that we can have space inside to make our dreams a reality.

As entrepreneurs - the wild animals we are - we choose an alternative path. Those of us who feel called to bring our gifts to the world through entrepreneurship choose a path of complex problems that become more complex with each stage of growth. We choose a path that requires emotional intelligence and leadership - a relational IQ that can allow us to meet the needs of the market, lead our teams and maintain our relationships with other people in our industry. 


Most of us at some point in our entrepreneurship journey and its process of growth, reach a point where we are faced with the call to address deeper and deeper layers of our own “STUFF”. Not just mental stuff either. Body stuff. Chronic stress patterns. Nervous system patterns. Generational patterns. And spiritual Stuff. Existential stuff: “What am I doing?” “What is my calling?” “How can I do this in a way that is ethical, that helps the world” “Am I worthy to lead this business, movement, or effort”. The call to address these things becomes louder and louder and louder at every stage of growth if we decide to keep going and growing.

But we don’t always heed that call. Sometimes we try to keep growing without addressing the trauma in the way. We create compensation strategies that help us avoid the pain and discomfort of old trauma patterns so that we can keep managing over top. And most of the time we don’t even know we are doing that. And our compensation strategies kind of work… for a while. 


But trauma doesn’t simply go away when unaddressed. And thank God it doesn’t! It keeps reminding us that something is incomplete - guiding us to health through our so-called symptoms.  Our unresolved trauma shows up in our sleep habits, our health and immune system patterns, our interpersonal conflicts, our relational patterns and basically everywhere else.


There comes a time, when our tools for managing and coping and compensating for traumatic stress reach their limitations. And for some, this looks like a nervous breakdown, a “high functioning” addiction, relationship breakdowns, a mysterious chronic illness, chronic pain, or a sudden onset of panic attacks, migraines, nervous system conditions or even depressive episodes. 


The body simply wasn’t designed to hold that much traumatic energy inside. It was designed to move it through the cells, the nervous system, the organs and the brain so that it can resolve and move back to health and inner harmony. So that you can have the health and sustainable energy that you need to keep building the vision you see in your heart.


We haven’t always had the tools we need to cope with chronic stress and trauma in a holistic way. Mindset is very effective and essential, but when it comes to the trauma patterns stored in our physiology - mindset has its limitations. And traditional medicine is only just beginning to incorporate the powerful trauma work that clinicians like Dr Allan Schore, Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr Peter Levine have spent their lives understanding.

Their work revolutionised our understanding the human body, relationships, stress, and family systems, trauma and even so-called “mysterious health issues” that seemed to have no origin.

It is so important to me to bring this powerful work to the Entrepreneurs of the world. The High-Performing Dreamers who are working hard to make the world better with innovative solutions. Serving the marketplace and driving the global community forward. Entrepreneurs are the ones with the courage to say: I CAN HELP! You are the ones with the guts to put your gifts to good use and bring it to the marketplace to serve others.

And yet, entrepreneurs often carry a high burden of unaddressed trauma and chronic stress. They use their guts, wit and mental tenacity to keep things moving along in life and business. To keep performing, winning and delivering. Afterall the world needs your work!

You’re right. The world does need your work, but you have needs too. As an entrepreneur - your core stability - your health and vitality is the backbone of your vision and what you bring to the world. And I have knowledge that can help you get deeper than mindset to the heart of the stressful patterns that seem to never go away in spite of how much money you make, how hard you push yourself, or how much you try to manage your stress.  I am bringing a deep understanding of your biology and nervous system and your body’s relationship with stress. This understanding will help you in resolving, releasing and preventing the chronic burden of stress and overwhelm at the core.

This is more than just head knowledge. This is medicine. Medicine for your body and soul. I believe it’s my life's work to help you understand how this medicine can change your life and business forever - from the inside out.

I am inviting you to a class series I am teaching on March 9th, 10th and 11th called Entrepreneur Alive. 

There is so much to learn about the deep patterns that keep us stuck in life and business and while mindset is a huge piece of the puzzle there is much more to it when it comes to stress and trauma patterns locked up inside our bodies.

In these classes, from my background of trauma healing and nervous system health,  I am teaching you:

The Three States of The Nervous System and how they show up in your life and business

The Unique Demands That Entrepreneurship Places on Your Nervous System

What you need to respond to these demands in a way that keeps you healthy, thriving and growing authentically.

I am also sharing information about my Upcoming Entrepreneur Alive Mastermind that begins on March 15th. This is a mastermind that provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a healthy life from the inside out while you are hitting your goals and bringing your entrepreneurial vision to life in the world!

I know how important it is to you to make a contribution to the world through your powerful work. And how frustrating it can be to be tripped up by patterns inside that seem to be inescapable no matter how much mindset you do.

There is another way to meet yourself and your body that can lead to the inner transformation you're looking for. 

And, I’d like to help equip you with knowledge to understand yourself at a much deeper level so you feel empowered to create new powerful patterns in your life that feel healthier for you so that you can approach your entrepreneurial journey with aliveness, joy and authenticity.

See the class schedule and Sign up for the Entrepreneur Alive Class Series Here: 

When you sign up, you'll be emailed a confirmation as well as a link to join the Pop-Up Entrepreneur Alive Facebook Group As well - there will be extra good stuff happening inside the Facebook Group as well while it’s open so I highly recommend joining it.


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