I Move and I Cry and I Scream...

I wade

I wade in these waters and I dance

Until everything is unraveled

And all is revealed.

And I move and I cry and I scream

And I know for sure

That I am here.

I open my eyes again and again to the sun

After all those years of pain

I see again - my big huge life

That I created from the ashes.

And I teach what I have learned.

A family is more than people who live in the same house.

You can come home to your body.

You are the sun and the moon and the stars.

You mean something.

You have the birthright to exist because you are here

And that is enough.

No one speaks for you.

You speak for your own self - you have the power to do it.

You have the power.

And I go back to my own heart.

To my own well.

And I allow it to run deep and deep and deeper still

And make no apologies

For what emerges from that place.

For what decides to open up.

Instead I be there. I be there. I be there with it.

I am there.

I am here.

I am here.

After everything.

Written by Yours Truly, 
Shyla Cash...


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