If Receiving is a Struggle, Release

I've been diving into the work of receiving in my own life ( you can listen to my podcast episode about receiving here ). 

Receiving is HEART WORK. It is an absolutely opening of the heart. And what i've discovered is that often before we can receive on a deeper level - we often must experience release on a deeper level. 

Releasing thought patterns and identity blocks that don't serve us. Releasing unworthiness and shame. Releasing fear around stepping up and into the power of who you are. Releasing fear of even just being seen as who you are. 

And I find it fascinating that what we are afraid of releasing is often what we say we WANT to release. Like who would say they don't want to receive deeper intimacy, clarity, healing, money, joy and FLOW? We ALL want that. But desire is much different from willingness. 

We all have desires. But we don't all RECEIVE what we desire. Because while we may want things SOOOOO bad (which in and of itself can be painful - the incessant longing for somewhere other than here... ), we may not be willing to experience the discomfort of releasing the (painful as they may be) identity blocks that keep us from really GETTING what we want. 

Because releasing is about courage. And so is receiving. When you release, you are saying to your higher self, the universe, to God, that you TRUST enough in the vision in your heart to let go of all the fear/shame/unworthiness/energetic clogs and blocks that keep you safe.

When you step into releasing - you are sending a message loud and clear that you are no longer willing to be bound by the incessant internal cycle of abuse that keeps you thinking you are simply not one of the good enough ones who gets to live in joy, peace, clarity and love. 

When you step into releasing you are making a declaration to yourself, from a place of most beautiful, disciplined love - a declaration of WILLINGNESS and READINESS. 

And this is not easy work here. This is why most of the population would rather be comfy cozy in fear then step out into the great vast limitless potentiality of the unknown of their own inner world to receive what they truly desire.

We fear slaying our dragons, so we sleep with them instead.   

Back to releasing. Releasing is the missing piece if you find affirmations to be difficult. You can't slap an affirmation on top of a clogged energy body. There is some FLOW that must be restored to the system in order for the affirmations to take root on a cellular level. Now, this releasing doesn't have to be intense and dramatic, or it can be intense and dramatic - it can happen in an instant, and it can happen over time. 

I have experienced intense physical and emotional releases, and I have experienced subtle, nuanced shifts in my nervous system, physical body, and thinking mind.  There are no rules. You will always be guided. You will always be lead. You must trust. 

So, if you've been hammering away goals, do-do-doing all "THE WORK" and smashing through all the things you must do and trying really hard and you're simply not able to RECEIVE on the deepest heart level. Then you need to look first at what must be RELEASED. 

Here are some common things we need to release: 
1) Fear of what others will think
2) "procedural memories" from the nervous system
3) Generational patterns that keep us in unhealthy cycles
4) Rules
5) Shame and Unworthiness
6) Internalized voices of abuse/criticism
7) Attachment to seeing ourselves as victims

8) Needing someone else's permission to live your dream life
10) The idea that you can't trust yourself and your intuition
11) Addiction to suffering
12) Self-Pity and Denial 
13)Fear of experiencing your emotions - labelling uncomfortable emotions as bad and unacceptable
14) The idea that your dreams are impossible

As you work on opening the heart to release, you will find that you naturally receive more. Because your energetic/emotional/physical body is clear and clean. 

Happy Releasing - Continue Forward in Healing, 


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