Why Are You Here?

I wonder why you’re here…

Here with me… letting me invade your social media feed or your email inbox with all this stuff about healing, and creating the life you desire… 
Listening to the ramblings from my heart. 

Reading… watching…

I say that I wonder - but I think I actually know.

You’re not necessarily here for me… sure you like me (at least I hope you like me since you’re reading my stuff! LOL) … but it’s not really about that is it?

What it’s really about is you. 

If you’re reading this… if you’re my client or you just enjoy my writing and my general situation…. I think you recognize that what’s coming out of me, what I'm writing about, what I’m teaching about and what I truly believe in at my core… I think you recognize yourself in there (CAUGHT YA!)

There’s something in me… that is reflecting back to you… what  is ALREADY within you.
Something that I’m brushing up against when you’re reading. Something that you can SENSE..  Even if you can’t put your finger on it.

And I’m willing to bet it actually scares you a little bit.
But not enough to keep you from coming back around.
Because no matter what happens, no matter how dark black your night seems to get… you keep coming back to that thing within YOURSELF… don’t you… 

That thing that KNOWS for sure… that knows what exactly?
It’s hard to describe isn’t it… but it’s a knowing… it’s a resonance reverberating out from your nervous system to your soul.

You FEEL it. You KNOW it more than you can describe it.
And it’s the thing that gives rise to your dreams and your visions and your desires that you barely let yourself want or skim the surface of wanting…

Because… “how could I?”, “I’m not THAT person”, “I don’t have it in me…” “I want it so bad.. But i’m not strong enough…”

And yet… here you are again. Here… somehow - by some twist of fate you landed here with me. And that thing in me (it’s much bigger than me really - i’m just the vessel)  is clicking with that thing in you… and you KNOW. 

This is about you - about what you desire, about what you’ve been through, about how the struggle you endure within you seems to be reflected in your outer world as well. But also about how, deep within you, you can sense there is another way to live. A different way. And you can sense that despite all the doubt and fear and confusion that you are actually SUPPOSED to be living from that place. That place of spiritual power and deep healing. And carrying that out into the world into your relationships, your career, your parenting, your marriage, your ART, your music, and indeed your LIFE… after all - you are life itself aren’t you?

So why are you here?
It’s simple. You’re here because you recognize your own power - your own spiritual power and potential for healing within me.

Wooph. That’s intense and powerful but it’s true isn’t it.

I guess now would be a good time as any to admit it - at least to yourself - which is the most important part. And, now would be as good a time as any to LIVE it.

I created my new program - Deep Healing and Spiritual Power for you. For you to learn to live and embody what you know to be true deep inside you. I’m teaching you how to embody the practical day to day life of spiritual power and deep healing. This isn’t affirmations and crystals. This is real life creation. Habits, energy, and mindset of what it MEANS to create a lifestyle of deep healing and spiritual power.

That thing in me that you feel, you feel it because I watered it and I fed it. I accessed it and I channeled it and I opened myself to it and I continue to. You feel it because I gave myself to my spirit and I allowed myself to trust it. Time and time again.

And I can tell you - every time I faltered, and I felt like “how will I do this?” “How will I make it?” “How will I break this cycle?” “Is this going to be my life?” when I chose to live from my spiritual power - those questions were answered in ways that I never could have imagined and I was led THROUGH the dark night of my soul.

How else could I have overcome family cycles of abuse, neglect and paranoid schizophrenia? How else could I have broken the ties of codependency and physiological survival addiction? Was it just the theory and the tools and the science? Sure - that was all part of it but it was NOT the whole picture - and if I’m honest - not even 50% of it.

The true picture was understanding my spiritual power - the power within me to rise and overcome and choosing to feed that power within me even when it felt like I couldn’t.

And what I’m going to share with you in this program will give you the mindset and energy transmission to embody this stuff in your life. To feed your own spiritual power and embody your potential for deep healing. 


This is for you. The reason you’re here and you’re still reading this has NOTHING to do with me. It’s what’s inside of me, speaking to what’s inside of you. And that alone - is enough evidence that you have everything you need inside of you to do this thing. To break the cycle and change your life forever. And I’m going to teach you how.


Come join Deep Healing and Spiritual Power - Go Beyond Love & Light and make the unconscious conscious, face your demons, heal the inner child and move forward with power.

Click here for details: https://www.shylacash.com/deephealing

Continue Forward in Healing, 



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