Episode 5 - The Wounded Leader


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The leader is the one who moves first.
The leader knows from an inner-knowing and moves first on that knowing.
The leader is the one who moves - this can be a spiritual moving, a moving of focus, a moving of intention.

The leader is the one who can DELIVER and suffer at the same time.
The leader is highly skilled and magnetic.
The leader is also hiding sometimes.

The full depth of a leader - the full power is very seldom mined.

And those who are called to lead - who are driven and compelled by a singular THING - even if they do not know what the THING is - it calls it coos sometimes, it whispers sometimes, it calls and sometimes it rages and it storms through you at all times.

And there comes a point in leadership - any kind  - parenthood, ministry, business, career, performance, art - artists are very often leaders because they lead us to places within ourselves - they speak the soul’s language. And I do consider myself an artist as well as a coach i think we can define these things for ourselves.


And I want to talk today about the wounded leader. If you are a wounded leader you are all those things about - you move, you think you KNOW and you are a pioneer and you KNOW you’re meant for something really powerful in the world - you are already operating at a high-level.  AND you also know that there are depths within you that must be explored. And you may or may not have a hint - an inkling that it has something to do with your childhood.

But here is the thing - remember when i said the depths of a leader are rarely mined. It’s because  when you want to lead with deeper POWER, and i mean power in a different sense than like just like a title or money or something i’m talking about leadership that comes from a deep place within - more of an authority than a power - than there is a place to go to within the self.

And that VERY often involves healing from wounds that began in childhood - its de-conditioning. Its’ releasing unearthing and uncovering and I say all the time that healing is not about learning - it’s really in many ways about letting go of that knowledge and information. Because when we are stuck in a place of knowledge and information, we cant allow things to integrate into us on a physical and spiritual level because we are stuck up in the thinking mind.

And this DOES serve us - you know leaders who have this depth within and know there’s a powerful destiny within them, like you gain success you meet your goals you do the work - you show up to your life EVEN while carrying the old wounds you manage to use the brute strength to get THROUGH.

Okay - but there is another level of leadership available to you through the healing of trauma and through the integration of the child self and the awakening journey of that which takes you to newer levels of magnetism and newer levels of service and art and performance and sales and parenting and relationship.
And all it is really is turning away from conditioning and moving into surrender - you are surrendering the ld way the old imprinting.

It’s a place where you stop running from the past and you walk with faith into the past with the light of trust and surrender and you decide that you are taking your life to higher dimensions through diving into the deeper realms of self.

And this is a different kind of work.

It is a soul work and a spiritual journey of awakening. You emerge with a higher level and there is a recognition within you - of power - of authority with which you move out and carry out your own duty or art or athleticism from this renewed place.

Because when you integrate with the self on this level you really do become untouchable - it's fortification of your spirit.

And so this is an inner-exploration and it is the building of a sacred bond with yourself and I believe with source and with the universe where you come into a powerful knowing of who you truly are without the constructs and conditioning that has served you on a level and gotten you where you are on a certain level.

I do know and see that many leaders who lead at high levels experienced some form of trauma as kids - not all but many - and there’s a certain kind of person who takes this pain and trauma really molds something incredible out of the chaos of that. And that is the leader I am talking to here - that is the wounded leader and if that is you - you know it - you know it on a fundamental level that the deepening of your purpose and the power of your vision will require you to heal those remnants of despair that float around inside your body and whisper and call out to you in the night that you have ignored or turned away from or pushed aside or told yourself you would get to later.


And there is a spiritual component to this - it’s a whole self thing - and I often think that the true leaders you know - you aRE the one who goes first you ARE the one who starts the business, or leads through breaking family cycles, or pioneers with new music new art.

And there is a loneliness that can come from that - that comes from going first and that’s a real thing that can arise when you DECIDE to challenge the norm by stepping outside of it, you know you’ve already made known and declared that there is something different about you - something really powerful about you - but sometimes it feels like this far away thing - and sometimes it feels so close you know so close but yet so far.

And so here is what i want you to know and it’s what you already know on some level okay:
1. Because you are the leader - because you are the one who goes first - in order to bring the deeper levels of your work into the world - you have to now journey first inward to the self. Because that voyage into the self is what will empower you to serve on much higher, much more powerful levels.
2. You now have to take your trust of self into deeper levels - and trusting of the child self - the inner child - the inner-child’s pain - the inner child’s wisdom. 

  1. And you have to let go of who you were to achieve what you’ve achieved. It is a powerful awakening, a powerful deepening. 
  2. If you have met your goals consistently and you keep meeting them and you have the business or the career or the marriage and you’re content with it but you are asking like “what’s the point” and you’re kind of in that white space - that is a sacred space okay? This is the crossroads where the wounding meets the deeper purpose.

    Okay - so if you are a leader - and if this is resonating with you than you are one there is no question - there is no question, than you can email me at [email protected] to join the waitlist for the wounded leader program that is coming out at the end of October - this is designed to facilitate deep healing and deep connection with yourself and so that you can change everything, you can end the war with yourself and walk more powerfully into your destiny and your purpose. 



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