4 Areas to Focus on to Create a Life of Healing, Success & Alignment - Part 2

4 Areas to Focus on for a Life of Healing, Success & Alignment - Part 2 - Your True Work

Yesterday was about the first area of focus -  Trauma Healing (read yesterday's blog here).  Now that we’ve covered the importance of making sure your roots are in a state of repair, we’re moving on to the second area - Your True Work. 


What’s beautiful about the process of trauma healing is that it creates safety and resilience inside of you. That means you have a felt-sense of your own ability to be safe and secure within your own body.  This balances your mental, spiritual, emotional and nervous system(s). Once that happens, you begin to unlock your own gifts and talents. When your base level state is a state of health and repair, you naturally discover your own success codes.  

Everything that you have been through and healed from  is part of you. It is inside of you and part of your story. Your brain and body, your cells and organs hold the imprints of these experiences. When you heal - these experiences are integrated and they become wisdom that your body holds. 

This healing and wisdom is activating. It activates your golden path to success. Your gifts are given to you to serve the world with generosity, and to be abundantly rewarded for sharing your gifts.


It’s so important for you to know this because we often look at other people’s success, power, or wealth, and feel like in order for us to be successful we need to follow that same exact path. But this is an illusion. And it leads us to create so-called success that doesn’t necessarily feel good for us. 


The path you are on is your own. It’s your unique and beautiful divine way. In order to allow your true, purpose work to emerge you must not rush it. And you must not hate and resent what you’re doing now. Remember, your experiences integrate into wisdom. 


Your body and spirit will reveal to you what is best for you, as well as divine signs from the universe. If we get too caught up in comparing ourselves to others, we will subconsciously try to mimic their path, and this will take us out of our embodied state of health and repair. 


Instead, we want to respect our own internal wisdom, and honour our own unique gifts. To bring something new into the world, you have to be willing to trust yourself and trust the dreams and desires that have been placed inside you, bubbling and speaking to you. Let them take shape and organically form. 


Again, this is why I wrote about trauma healing first. Because those of us who are ambitious, high-performing people, work really hard at creating success on the outside. But we struggle to experience safety and security on the inside as a result of un-recognized traumas in our system. 


Your true purpose work will come from a place of safety and security and stability inside of you. It will come from your roots being in a state of repair and regenerative health.  This gives us the ability to explore what truly feels right for us and begin creating success from our own inner-guidance which feels so much better than trying to keep up with an outer image of success that is ego-driven and doesn’t quite fit us. 


Here are some prompts for you:
1. What have I always been good at?

2. What comes naturally to me

3. What are the parts of my work now that I love?

4. What are the parts of my work now that I don’t like at all?

5. What are my natural gifts?

6. Do I believe that I can serve the world by using my gifts?

7. How do I best serve others?

8. What brings me and others joy.


PS… I love to work with ambitious, high-performing people because you know you’re here to do amazing things in the world. You’re on a mission. You’ve already accomplished lots. And that is to be honoured and commended. 


What I love about working with you is being able to help you create a deeper sense of safety and security inside of you so that you can then launch off from firm and solid foundations. 


This work is far from doom and gloom. It’s really about unleashing all the precious energy of life within you, that’s been stuck and blocked by pain and hurt. That’s all. 


You’ve already created so much, let’s expand into even more, from a balanced and healthy place inside you. Book a free consultation with me here and let’s talk about where you’re at on your journey and see if coaching with me 1-1  is right for you. 


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