Your body is an untapped well of PURE power. 

It’s time to tap into your nervous system and harness the life-force that is YOU.

 Welcome to The School of Embodied Healing Systems


Even though you don't always admit it you know you are smarter than the rest.

It's not arrogant. It's just the truth.

And it's effortless for you.
You love the coaching industry.
And yet, you're also deeper - more switched on, and you crave so much more than the cliches when it comes to coaching.

You're not here to repeat the same stuff that's been said a million times over and dumb it all down.

You want the depths - of science, of spirit, of life itself.
You're beyond the basics of mindset and ready to tap the goldmine that is your intelligent, wise nervous system. Both yours and your clients.
You want the cutting edge truth, the pure innovation and creation that transcends the same old same.
Of course, you want (no - NEED) to be stretched intellectually. 
You want to facilitate miracles in the room with your clients and do truly revolutionary work that flows easily from your body. 

Mediocrity simply won’t do. 

And most of all?

You want the kind of PURE embodiment that rips your heart open and leaves everything unnecessary on the cutting room floor - until all that’s left is overflowing prosperity from your truest work.
Did I get that right?
Thought so.
I'm so glad you're here. 



"Every entrepreneur, every coach needs to take this program" 
- Doreen Korba


At this point in the coaching world, and in humanity we are in a pivotal state of change.

As leaders, therapists, coaches, healers, and transformation practitioners we are being called to higher levels of leadership, deeper cultivation of our gifts, and true embodiment of our genius work.


We’re all feeling the pull, the call to cultivate deeper wells of transformation and change.


These times ask us to shift beyond surface level-systems. Beyond guru worship. Beyond the cliches.  mental models and behaviour modification into a place of lasting inner transformation beginning with the body itself.


Embodied Healing Systems is the first of its kind practitioner training program combining in-depth practitioner training in the field of trauma with personal transformation, and ancient spiritual wisdom.

This program will take you as a practitioner on a journey from the inside-out to LIVE the work of healing. And, as a result, you will be an embodied, present source of support for the clients you serve. 

This is an intimate, in-depth certification for practitioners who are ready to lead the world forward with life-affirming,  personal development and healing work backed by cutting-edge science in the field of trauma-resolution.



The 3 Pillars of the School of Embodied Healing Systems

In-Depth Scientific Education of the Nervous System

Let's go beyond the phrase "trauma is stored in the body" to what that actually means and looks like for you in daily life. 
EHS is committed to giving you the depth of how trauma affects the cells, the DNA, hormones, the brain and the entire body system.
And more importantly how you can leverage the body's innate self-repair technology to repair from trauma, thrive and do your destiny work in the world.

Personal Transformation and Embodiment

We are here to embody, integrate and fully LIVE in the transformation. This is not your momma's certification.
You will be stretched, expanded and taken to a place within you that you did not know was real.
Your heart will be opened and you will feel the transformation in your INNERMOST being. 

THIS is what makes EHS unique that leads to explosive wealth and prosperity, miracles in your client's lives and you living the most aligned life possible for you.

Grounded Spiritual Wisdom & Laws

As a woman of faith, I have come to discover the power of spiritual principles found in the Bible.
These principles apply to wealth, govern the laws of nature, and are found even inside the body's structure.
They apply to everyone and everything. When you discover these principles, you will be working in FLOW and surrender with the created rhythms of life. 
This is practical. Spiritual bypass just isn't my vibe.  We are going to apply the higher spiritual laws that expand your faith, explode your wealth, and  nourish your soul. 



*$10,000 Value

Flow with the natural rhythms of your body.  Create wealth and overflow that regenerates you and keeps you in a state of flow, creative expression, and ease of receiving every day of your launch. 


Regenerative Launch Rhythm Bible: 
Your guide to staying in the sweet spot of flow and receiving.
Creative Launch Guide: 
Getting into the state of pure creative flow and planning the launch from a place of genius, art and frequency to attract clients in your highest alignment
2 Part Live Masterclass where we cover every 

*10,000 Value


Copywriting is not about a formula or getting the words exactly right. 

It's about finding your TRUE voice and expressing it to the masses in a way that your aligned clients cannot stop reading. 

This includes 25 writing prompts that you can use over and over and over again. These prompts will snap you out of your head, get you into your body and writing in a way that is fun, true to you and makes you insane amounts of money from your truest expression. 


*7,500 VALUE

Business planning doesn't have to be boring.


This Somatic Quarterly Planning System is everything you need to re-align to the vision of your true sacred work. 

This system is designed to pull you out of overwhelm and day to day drudgery and keep you in the realm of vision - pulling it out of your heart and into the physical world faster and faster every quarter.


The Details/Logistics of This Journey

Here's what this 10 month immersion into the human body system is going to look like: 
Class Time: 
We meet on Tuesdays for 2 hours for our regular classes. Regular class time is 12pm EST (subject to change). 
There are guest speaker classes that may fall on days/times other than Tuesday - these are not-miss speakers that have been instrumental on my personal and business journey and will transmit by osmosis to you.
Every class is two hours long and includes somatic practice, sharing and teaching. This work is ALIVE and it’s flowing this is not rigid boring sitting in front of a computer taking notes wishing you were somewhere else darling. This about experiential learning.

It’s interactive and fully experiential!
Your live attendance is required on the calls as you are part of building the energy field of the work of the group.

The 10 months is split into two parts
Part 1 August - January
The foundational science, personal embodiment and nervous system education. 

Part 2 - February - May
Embodied Business Systems. In part 2 we are integrating the nervous system with entrepreneurship and creating the business that is overflowing with prosperity, open-hearted connection, unique expression and pure embodiment. 
The Month of December is a full integration month there is no class. 
Every month there is time for Q&A and every month there is embodiment practice.
The embodiment practice is for you to practice with your peers and colleagues the theory you've been learning. I will do a demonstration at each embodiment class.
This is not mindset practice work.  It is body-to body where you are learning to listen with your whole body system, not just your mind.

As a result, what you will experience in these practices will completely up-level the way you LIVE not just how you coach. 

Attendance for the practice calls is mandatory. 

to maintain the integrity of the EHS certification, you will complete two exams throughout the program to demonstrate your knowledge of the EHS skills & theory. These exams are for me to see how you are progressing and growing and provide guidance and feedback that you can use in your work. 

Join the elite community of tender-hearted, ambitious, intelligent EHS Certified Practitioners



I'm Shyla Cash

I stand for healing & regeneration

for all people

The School of Embodied Healing Systems is my labour of love.

I am here to facilitate a thriving community of practitioners who love the intellectual rigour, deep embodiment, and overflowing wealth with integrity. 

My formal training in this work includes Somatic Experiencing & The Biology of Trauma.

But it's my personal journey of repair and embodiment that gives me the driving purpose to bring this to the world.

I came to this work through my own journey of healing over 14 years. My childhood was filled with chaos, abuse and neglect living with my paranoid schizophrenic and manic depressive (untreated)  mother who homeschooled me.

My brain and nervous system developed in a toxic soup of stress and fear that resulted in brain and nervous system damage.

When I found the work of the pioneers in the field of Trauma Resolution (Dr Peter Levine, Dr Bruce Perry, Dr Robert Scaer, Dr Allan schore, & Dr. Gabor Mate) I devoured their work like food.

Day and night I ate it. And I lived it. I still remember the late nights making charts and youtube videos and diagrams to help myself understand what would become my life's work.
I learned that the body has the capacity to repair itself when it is given the right kind of support.
I learned that trauma had a lot less to do with the emotions and the mind than it did with the body. And I knew I had to share it with the world. 
For me - this is beyond just healing for healing’s sake.

It's about elevating the coaching industry beyond the basics and bringing cutting edge neuroscience into this amazing world of personal development. 

It's about tapping into the body’s intelligent design to unlock deep repair, regeneration and release the DESTINY that is woven into your cells.

I can't wait to see you inside The School of Embodied Healing Systems


The Embodied Healing Systems Curriculum...



$20,000 USD 



$3,400 over 6 months


Now is your time...

It’s time to: 

🌹Hold classy competence and expertise that is at the top of the industry 

🌹Experience the science of the nervous system come alive in your body

🌹Regenerate your cells and access the energy wells hidden within 

🌹Feel deeply embodied in the work you do as a sacred leader 

🌹Rip open that fiery heart of yours and let it speak to the world

🌹Serve your clients from embodied presence and facilitate miracles with ease

🌹Build a network of high-caliber colleagues who are super smart, original and successful 

🌹Hone your coaching skills through in-depth scientific training & personal embodiment 

🌹Expand your capacity for prosperity, wealth and money flow

🌹Live from the higher spiritual laws and rhythms that govern all of life

🌹Answer the destiny call that you’ve felt since before you can remember

Embodied Healing.
Big blessings.
Connection that makes you tremble.
Art & Genius that flows from you like honey.
Prosperity that brings you to your knees in gratitude.

Heart open...
Heart open... 
Heart open...

Walk through the door