At this crisis point in humanity, we are in a pivotal state of change.

As leaders, therapists, coaches, healers, and transformation practitioners we are being called to higher levels of leadership, deeper cultivation of our gifts, and true embodiment of our genius work.

We’re all feeling the pull, the call to cultivate deeper wells of transformation and change.

These times ask us to shift beyond surface level-systems and behaviour modification into a place of lasting inner transformation beginning with the body itself.

Embodied Healing Systems is the first of its kind practitioner training program combining in-depth practitioner training in the field of trauma with personal transformation, and ancient spiritual wisdom.

This program will take you as a practitioner on a journey from the inside-out to LIVE the work of healing. And, as a result, you will be an embodied, present source of support for the clients you serve. 

This is an intimate, in-depth certification for practitioners who are ready to lead the world forward with life-affirming,  personal development and healing work backed by cutting-edge science in the field of trauma-resolution.


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Trauma is part of the human experience - but so is healing. 

When you have the right tools, skills, and education - you can heal your own life at the root level and you can help your clients do the same!

Welcome to The School of Embodied Healing Systems. The Premier Coaching School for Practitioners seeking in-depth scientific knowledge and practice  to help your clients heal from trauma at the root level.

What exactly is the School of Embodied Healing Systems?
The School of Embodied Healing Systems is a life-affirming practitioner training for coaches, therapists, healers and anyone in the field of transformation.

EHS is the only school of its kind for coaches that is providing this level of in-depth scientific biological and physiological education and skill-building while at the same time, bringing the personal transformation and the spiritual component.

I have designed this program from beginning to end very intentionally so that you have an experiential component built into the work.

The School is built on three main pillars:

Scientific Education
- The biological and physiological components of trauma are so important. In fact - the root of trauma is actually in the body and not in the emotions and psychology! When we work with trauma at its core  (the stress stored inside the physiology) it becomes MUCH easier to work with emotions and psychology. This is a game-changer for the personal development world. It means that you can leverage the body’s innate wisdom to help your clients get even better and longer-lasting results. 

Personal Transformation & Embodiment - This program is NOT just more information overload. This program is designed to take you on your own personal journey through the work of healing & nervous system regulation.

I have designed this program to be experiential in every way so that the information makes its way through your whole being rather than just adding to the pile of things you already know in your head! 

The priority inside EHS is integration and embodiment because that is what allows you to take your coaching practice to the next level in a sustainable way.

That means there is lots of space for integration, sharing, practicing, and application. The certification will flow according to the needs of your class and where the group is needing support the most to enhance your learning experience. The schedule is planned but not rigid and there is lots of time for space and integration - including the whole month of December being OFF!

When it comes to nervous system work - you can only support your clients nervous system at the level that you can hold space for that within yourself. To support this intention, EHS classes are small with lots of support in order for you to experience an in-depth transformation as you apply this work along with your colleagues 


Practical, Grounded Spirituality that Improves Quality of Life
There are ancient spiritual laws that our ancestors all over the world knew and studied! These beautiful spiritual laws have nothing to do with religion. Rather, they are simply how the world works! The School of Embodied Healing Systems distills this spiritual wisdom into practical and grounded application that will directly benefit your life and the lives of your clients. 

When we work in tandem with these laws we reduce resistance in our lives and reduce the amount of stress our bodies hold. 

The application of these spiritual laws also help us hold the very real intensity of trauma with skillful, gentle hands. This protects you as a practitioner from getting swept up into the trauma vortex so that you can stay grounded and hold a space for your clients that supports healing.

Some of the specific tools and frameworks used inside EHS to study these spiritual laws are:
The Map of Consciousness (Dr. David Hawkins) 

Gene Keys (Richard Rudd)
Human Design (Ra Uru Hu)
Chinese I’Ching (Ancient Chinese Book of Changes)

Some Student Experiences Inside The School of Embodied Healing Systems

Learn & Apply the Science of Nervous System Regulation. 


Inside EHS, I will teach you exactly how the nervous system responds to chronic stress and trauma. You will learn the difference between shock (acute) trauma and Chronic stress (complex trauma). You will learn the work of the Pioneers in the field of trauma resolution and how their work is the foundation for the EHS framework. You will learn how to support your own nervous system and your clients through the phases of the trauma response and support resolution. And you will apply this knowledge in practice with your colleagues. And, perhaps most importantly, you will experience how this work changes your own life at the nervous system level.

  • Learn the phases of a trauma response that happen at a biological level for all mammals! This will allow you to identify where your clients are in this process to support them in resolving old stress and trauma.
  • Build the skill of tracking both your own nervous system and your clients during session so that you can provide dynamic 
  • Expand your own window of tolerance as a practitioner so that you can hold deeper, more attuned space for your clients and they feel held working with you. 
  • Identify where your clients are at this process so that you can support trauma resolution and help them clear
  • Help your clients find their nervous system capacity, release chronic stress.
    Help your clients naturally increase their window of tolerance for stress so that they get deeper, lasting results working with you. 
  • Use the Building Blocks of Trauma Resolution to truly meet your clients where they are.

We can’t always skip straight to trauma resolution - there are some foundational pieces that need to be in place for the body to be ready and resourced to renegotiate trauma. Inside EHS you will learn what these building blocks are and how to stack them for your clients to prevent retraumatization.

Experience what it is like to work at this level during the embodiment calls with your colleagues where you will have the opportunity to practice applying this work together.

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The Embodied Healing Systems Curriculum...

A 10 Month journey that will transform your personal life and professional practice.
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