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Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel

Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel, CEO of Dirigo Food Safety, is a veteran veterinarian turned business coach and food safety strategist. As the CEO of Dirigo Food Safety she created
Food Safety University, a game changing course for simplifying food safety planning for small business operators.

She is known in the food industry and beyond for being an innovator and food safety expert.

Michele's commitment to high-integrity leadership, her gifts of innovation and her brilliance shine through in all she does. It is an honour to have Michele as a member of The School of Embodied Healing Systems Alumni!

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Doreen Korba

Doreen is a wife, mom of 4 and a life & business coach. Doreen’s professional background includes 15 years experience as a Marketing Executive,  A Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and a big heart for mothers who are building businesses.

Doreen’s powerful personal journey of grief and healing after losing a child, combined with her natural talent for business, sales and marketing - have allowed her to provide in-depth support to mothers on the journey of building wildly successful businesses without sacrificing their life’s joy or time with their children.

Recently, Doreen has felt a call to provide intimate healing circles for women to support them in grief, healing and navigating the challenges of modern-life.

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Amy Acker

Amy Acker is a psychotherapist, Amazon best-selling author, freelance writer and poet, wife, and mom. She guides incredible people to reimagine life, love, and purpose and create meaningful, lasting change in their lives.

With over 15 years experience as a psychotherapist - Amy is a wise, compassionate practitioner.

Amy’s work sits at the intersection of mindfulness, mindset, spirituality, and nervous system healing.

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Louise Lewis

Alongside her EHS certification, Louise is an ICF accredited coach (PCC level) with a diploma in professional coaching practice. She is also a trained Positive Intelligence coach. Prior to becoming a coach, Louise worked as a Tax Litigation Solicitor (Lawyer) in the Big 4.

Louise combines mindset and body work to help her clients understand, process and move through the deeply ingrained patterns that get in the way of what they want. 


She goes deep and gets to the root causes - because she knows from personal experience that that is the work that impacts everything else.

And then she helps her clients create a life where they get to be fully themselves AND feel good about it.

Louise is a brilliant practitioner who is committed to high-integrity and holds a grounded compassionate space for her clients.

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Sarah Shiozawa

Sarah Shiozawa is a certified Leadership Coach with an extensive leadership background. She began her professional career working in Washington, DC in management consulting. She has partnered with large professional service firms including Deloitte Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton & ICF International. She holds a graduate degree in Public Administration and Finance.

Sarah’s expertise is working with mid level managers to build a diverse, inclusive and empowering organization where everyone leads.

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