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You’re here because even though things might look good from the OUTSIDE, something is off internally. 

As a high performer, familiar with nervous system work, you probably…

  • Know that this work is the missing piece…but you lack clarity as to what’s going on with your body on an ongoing basis. And, you wouldn't necessarily know where to start to figure it out. 

  • Follow a bunch of somatic instagram accounts and have read all (or most of the popular) embodiment books (Waking the Tiger, The Body Keeps the Score, Polyvagal Theory)...but trying to piece it all together on your own is exhausting and frustrating. 

  • Are operating at a high-level in your life and work, achieving what you set out to do…but you live with a continual sense of low-grade anxiety, feelings of heaviness or persistent painful patterns that you just can’t seem to resolve.

  • You feel a sense of being wired and tired at the same time that you can't seem to shake. 

  • You are smart and talented, but you find that a sense of connection to yourself and your body is inconsistent and it leaves you with a feeling that something is missing. 

  • You know how to work with mindset tools, but when it comes to finding a felt-sense of regulation in your body, that feels more challenging for you. 

  • You experience physical symptoms like lack of energy, headaches, auto-immune stuff, sleep issues, and/or brain fog 



The 12 Week Nervous System Jumpstart:
A 1:1 focused and personalized journey for high achievers. 
Get customized, expert support so you can stop guessing, DIYing your nervous system repair and start experiencing results! 


  • You’ll be more aware than ever before of your physiological state because you will use the tools provided to track your nervous system. That means you’ll know what’s happening and why so that you can bring yourself back to a regulated state.
  • You’ll have a customized nervous system protocol that meets your unique  nervous system where it’s at so that you don’t have to try and figure out what works for you in a sea of information.
  • You’ll understand the root cause in your body of those low-grade anxieties, and you’ll be able to make the connections to other patterns in your life. And you’ll be able to engage your neuroplasticity to alter these patterns at their cause.
  • You’ll spend more time within your body’s window of tolerance, and learn how to shift your system into regulation as soon as you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night so that you feel more balanced with sustainable energy throughout the day.
  • Through the sensory work that we do together in session, and the simple exercises and tools you’ll learn how to build a mind-to-nervous system connection. This connection to your body system will give you stronger access to your body-intuition. You’ll feel a much deeper connection to yourself and the people in your life.
  • You will know how to go beyond changing your mindset and surface level thoughts and find a sense of regulation that you can truly FEEL. That means that you have to do less mindset work. And? The mindset work that you do feels easier with so much less resistance.
  • You’ll discover the relief that comes from supporting your body to stay in a settled and regulated place. You’ll be able to track when your body is responding to stress cues, stored overwhelm and bring your body back to the window of tolerance resulting in decreased physical symptoms like low energy, headaches and brain fog.

Hi, I'm Shyla Cash

I am a walking testament to the power of nervous system repair! 

I grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive home - homeschooled by a mom who suffers from untreated paranoid schizophrenia and manic depression. My brain and nervous system developed in stress and chaos! As a result I dealt with severe ADHD symptoms, reactive attachment issues, and physical symptoms like involuntary body movements, brain fog and inflammation and many other things. 

I was high-performing and managed to do very well in school, work and church despite what was happening inside. I was driven, and determined to make my life a success but I felt burdened and frustrated by the pain I was experiencing. I felt that the person that I showed to the world (competent, confident and high-achieving) was completely different than the person I was inside (exhausted, shameful, confused, and lonely). And yet it was my normal.  

But in college, I finally realized just how deep the damage was and I began a healing journey where I started to learn about emotional patterns, family dysfunction and codependency. I thought I could heal through working with emotional and psychological patterns so I dove into therapy and personal development. And it did help me. 

But it wasn’t until 5 years into that journey that I discovered the root of the problems that were showing up in my life - I learned that my brain (neurodevelopment) and nervous system had been injured as a result of chronic stress and trauma!

And learning that set me on a new path of deeper recovery than I ever thought was possible. And as I began learning about the amazing body systems, I learned not only that the body adapts to trauma and stress, but that it actually has its own natural repair mechanisms for recovery and regeneration.

My ADHD and reactive attachment symptoms began to resolve along with the involuntary movements and brain issues.

Today I coach high-performers and entrepreneurs and I also train practitioners, coaches and therapists to work with the nervous system inside my school - The School of Embodied Healing Systems! 

I have seen so many miracles both in my life and in my client's lives as a result of this work including recovery from family dysfunction, decreasing ADHD symptoms, repairing attachment trauma, healing the shock of grief and so much more! 

Hear from a few of my clients here.

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You deserve a customized approach that is focused on your unique nervous system!

Here is what we're covering on this journey. It includes 8 weeks of stacking the basic nervous system skills and 4 additional weeks of integration, review and coaching.

Week 1
Nervous System Assessment & Tracking


This is where we customize the journey for you. We are starting with an assessment so that we can determine the state your nervous system spends the most time in. We will look at how dysregulation shows up specifically in your life so we can meet your nervous system where it needs to be met throughout the 8 weeks.

Week 2 
Stabilization, Resources & Regulation


Here, we build a somatic practice around resources so that you always have a place to go to in your body where you feel stabilized, calm, and grounded. We are also going to work with the felt-sense of regulation so that you start to build the mind-to-nervous system memory of what regulation actually feels like for your system.

Week 3 
Supporting Your Nervous System Morning & Night

We are going to support you with the two most important times of the day - waking up and going to sleep. You'll know exactly how to bring your system back to a place of balance and get it ready for sleep after your day is done. And, you'll know how to bring your system to a regulated place when you wake up so you have sustainable energy throughout your day.

Week 4
Bringing Energy to The Body Systems

 In week 4, we are working with physical energy rhythms and patterns so that you can teach your nervous system how to have consistent access to sustainable energy without having to use adrenaline and stress for energy. You'll learn how to listen to and work with your body's unique rhythms of energy and what nutrients best support your body in the process.

Week 5 
Containment Through Touch & Temperature


In week 5 we will use the power of touch to regulate your body, rewire old patterns and create a deep sense of safety inside. You'll experiment with different forms of touch and temperature to discover what your body responds best to. 

Week 6
Befriending Your Vagus Nerve Through Tummy & Gut Support


In week 6 we are reconnecting to your felt-sense of body-intuition through supporting the tummy and gut. You'll learn specific movements and exercises to help you build a full body connection and support you to stay out of your head.

Week 7
Feeling, Following & Completing the Freeze


In week 7, we are learning to complete the freeze response so that you can relieve feelings of persistent heaviness, brain inflammation and brain fog and have consistent access to energy in your life without having to shut down and crash. 

Week 8
The Sympathetic Wave & Processing Adrenaline

In week 8 you are going to learn how to process adrenaline in your body so that it doesn't create a feeling of constant low-grade stress and anxiety or drive your body back into the freeze response. Riding the sympathetic wave will allow you to feel powerful in the face of stress.



  • We will meet once each week for a 60 minute session. The session will be a mix of talking, movement and practicing somatic work.  
  • You will receive recordings of each of our calls so that you can refer back to them for support if you need to. 
  • You will receive supplemental materials for your journey such as PDFs, trackers, videos. And you will have ongoing access to these materials.



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2 Monthly Payments of 2,500 USD

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Before you go... 

I want you to know that your body has the powerful ability to heal itself!

Your nervous system is adaptable. It adapted to stress and trauma, and it can also adapt to heal. 

But it takes the right intentional tools, support and practice to steer your system in that direction. 

Inside the jumpstart I am giving you all three. 

You don't have to keep searching online for a clear pathway to nervous system repair. 

You know this work is the missing piece. 

And you deserve an organized, personal path forward on this journey. 

I have done the hard work for you and distilled down the key elements of what the nervous system needs to repair itself inside this 8 week journey. 

All you have to do is take the next step forward and book a call with me to get started.

So much can be different for you in 8 weeks. You can save years of wandering, patching random things together and trying to figure it out on your own. 

Click the Jumpstart Button Below and you will be redirected to answer some questions and book a call with me.  Please be sure to answer all the questions. I am looking forward to doing this work with you! 

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