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Why Work With Me as Your Emotional Health Coach?

Growing up in a chaotic home environment can create a sense of loneliness, alienation, and shame.  Often, those of us who didn't receive secure, loving connections from our family systems may have an obsessive need to seek validation from our outside circumstances.

Childhood in these kinds of families takes a toll on the brain, and the physical and emotional body. In our work together, we will begin to establish a safe foundation for you to get to know yourself deeply and experience the safety within your body.

High achieving women often use external achievements in career and life to try and mask the painful residue leftover from an abusive or neglectful childhood. 

I know from experience what it takes to navigate the dark forest of childhood trauma and family dysfunction to reach the beautiful light of healing.

I have experienced the brain fog, the dissociation, the depression, the panic, the anxiety, the codependency, and obsessive thinking.  And, I have experienced what it’s like to heal from that. I want to encourage you, and let you know that this does not have to be your way of life. These feelings are a result of a brain and body that is stuck in survival patterns and fear. They are symptoms of trauma, they are not who you are.

Within you, you have the power to heal and recover and build a beautiful future for yourself. My work is to support you along the way.

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My approach to coaching is innovative and collaborative. I draw from many modalities from my years of study to inform the process as we walk your healing path together. 
My work is heavily influenced by Dr. Allan Schore, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Gabor Mate and other pioneers in neuroscience and neurophysiology. Other coaching influences include Brooke Castillo, Lisa A Romano, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Jungian theory, and various spiritual practices.  
While I am influenced by many approaches, I do not subscribe to just one. 
My belief is that you are whole as you are. Nothing outside of you can fix you, no specific tool or approach. Instead, we work together to get you back in touch with your own innate wisdom and use coaching tools to support that. 
You are the captain of your own healing ship, and empowering you to choose what works for you and what doesn’t is a huge part of cultivating your own personal power and healing your self-worth.



  • I believe in using future vision to inspire my clients forward into the life they desire to create for themselves. I believe in allowing the client to inform their own healing. 
  • I believe in using principles of somatic work and neuroplasticity to restore safety and resilience to the nervous system. 
  • I believe trauma healing is just the beginning of walking into your purpose and destiny. 
  • I believe that past trauma does not have to dictate your future
  • I believe that trauma is a portal. When we heal and recover from childhood trauma, we unlock our nervous system and brain's ability to grow, heal, and change. In so doing, we transcend and transform. It is a beautiful journey.


Creating Space for Transformation

I understand the deep workings of the nervous system and the impact of trauma on the brain, physiology, and emotions. I have been through the brain fog, deep depression, overwhelming shame, self-doubt, anxiety, and fear that can come up along your journey to healing. 

I intimately understand what it means to apply the work of healing and experience it as I have done it myself. I understand what it means to safely establish boundaries in dysfunctional family systems. 


  • You will learn how to feel safe and embodied in your own skin. 
  • You will learn how to heal your unhealthy thinking patterns 
  • You will learn the skill of experiencing your emotions safely 
  • You will learn to stop pushing down your pain  
  • You will learn how to create simple daily healing practices that push your life forward
  • You will learn to experience discomfort
  • You will learn to live from the heart


  • High-Functioning Depression
  • High-Functioning Anxiety
  • Codependency/Enmeshment Healing
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Creating Daily Disciplines
  • Building Healing Practices
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Self-Love
  • Personal Power
  • Healing Unhealthy Thinking Patterns
  • Healing Trauma Loops
  • Becoming Embodied, Re-connecting to Yourself
  • Healing the Inner-Child
  • Creating Space to feel Deep Emotions
  • Developing Resilience and Learning how to Navigate Stress in a Healthy Way
  • Creating Healthy Attachment
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