You have just opened the door to your personal self-actualization, deep healing & genius work.

And I am so glad you are here. Because I know that if you are here, our souls already know each other

I help high-performers heal from trauma, self-actualize, and access their GENIUS work


Yes! Trauma.

Trauma gets a bad reputation.  It’s Horrible, shocking, intense. We don’t want to talk about it. We don’t want to look at it. And it makes sense, because it is horrible, it is shocking, it is intense. The experience of trauma can be a fracturing of the soul. 

And yet? It is our movies, our art, the literature we love. It’s our music and our TV and our superheroes.


Because trauma is our human story. 

As human beings, we all will experience trauma at some point, to some degree.

It’s my mission and purpose to reframe trauma work as the life-affirming vehicle of growth, awakening, transcendence, beauty, and connection that it is. 

When we don’t look at the trauma we’ve experienced, the shadows, we are destined to repeat it. As individuals, as families, as society, and as global community. 

With grace, and through a gentle, somatic lens, I partner with you on your natural journey of expansion, healing and alignment.  This is not a digging expedition - we are not hacking around your past looking for what went wrong.  

This journey is anchored in the present, working with your nervous system to unwind patterns gently at the deepest level, so you can create space for your essence and genius to emerge. 

Healing is natural. And when we work with trauma at the nervous system level, You don't have to talk about what happened over and over, because your body holds the key to recovery.


My journey to this work began with my own pain. A childhood of abuse and neglect that left me completely disconnected, depressed, and fractured. I walked through the world with a smile on my face, high-performing in work & school.

And yet, the toll of chronic stress built up in childhood had pushed my nervous system into a state of chaos. Permanently living in overwhelm in my body and not even noticing it. 

Through many miraculous moments, years of working with amazing practitioners, my own spiritual study, study of the mind and body, and the last piece of the healing puzzle - somatic work, my true essence was revealed.

The joy and wonder of life, and the beautiful sense of destiny I always had, blossomed. 

Now I am blessed to have a prosperous business, working with incredible high-performing people, like you, who are committed to doing great work in the world, starting from within.



Throughout our work together, we will go on a journey of embodiment, through gentle nervous system practices rooted in the cutting edge science of new traumatology. We will look at your unique gifts and design (Human Design & Gene Keys), and help to raise your consciousness using the Map of Consciousness. This work is holistic, gentle, and anchored in the present. 

We will go on a 6 month journey, meeting weekly for 1-1 sessions on Zoom. 


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