I’m Shyla, Life Coach & Founder of Grow Heal Change Coaching. I help smart, successful women who become emotionally healthy so they can enjoy life from the inside out. 

I specialize in high-functioning depression/anxiety, childhood trauma healing, family dysfunction, and codependency.

No matter how painful your life may be now, healing is available and possible for you.  I can help you experience it.  

I know firsthand the struggles of recovering from dysfunctional family dynamics while appearing to “have it all together”. In fact, I used to think that success in life could heal the wounds of my childhood neglect and abuse. Before developing emotional health, I spent my life seeking validation from everything outside of me. My mother was emotionally unavailable, narcissistic and paranoid delusional.  I knew I couldn’t get the love I desperately needed from her, and so, to cope with my emotional pain, I learned I could gain validation from the outside world. 

So, I turned to high performance and perfectionism. I used good grades, high-performance, and success to patch the deep holes within my heart. The problem was - it didn’t work.

On the outside, my life was great, but my inner life was a dark void filled with deep shame, anxiety and depression. My friendships and relationships were filled with turmoil, they lacked boundaries, and I constantly lost myself in others. The trauma from my childhood was still there - lingering in my emotional body and my physical body, causing me to experience high functioning depression and anxiety. All the while, I continued to push my life forward - being a good student and employee.  For years, I tried to run from my pain, put on a happy face, and ignore my symptoms. But over time, I learned that pushing down my pain was only creating more of it. Something needed to change.

After 11 years of healing work, intensive research and study, I now have the capacity to experience my emotions fully, create boundaries, and love myself deeply from the heart. I have healed the toxic shame, self-loathing, and deep depression that used to plagued my days. 

Today, my life is no longer lived in fear, chaos and confusion. I have developed the resilience to bounce back from difficulties and handle stressors. And, most importantly - I feel good from the inside out. My life is not perfect - perfection doesn’t exist. But I now know what it means to experience true joy, open my heart, and be fully human.  

Through trial and error, support along the way, and intensive research, I have completely rebuilt my identity from the inside out. The journey of healing is not easy, but it is truly beautiful and rewarding and I would not trade it for anything. Helping women heal is my life’s work and it is my honour to support my clients along their journey to emotional health. 



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