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The High Performer’s Experience of Trauma

If you are a high-performing ambitious person living with stored stress and trauma in your life - I know it can be confusing!

You may be thinking: “Trauma?!  How could I be living with stored trauma when I have such a great life - I have a successful career/business - I have a beautiful home and family and I am so highly accomplished. Besides - what happened to me was so long ago” 

But it’s important to recognize that trauma actually gets stored in our innermost being - that means it gets stored in our cells, fascia, muscles, movement patterns, brain, and nervous system. 

So, while you may have done lots of work emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually in your life - if you haven’t addressed the underlying root patterns of where the trauma is actually stored (in your body), then it may still be impacting your life.

I can help you work with your nervous system to bring healing & regulation so that you can experience more peace, energy, and joy as you pursue your dreams.
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What are some common signs of trauma in high-functioning people?

•Sleep issues 
•Painful Relationship/Attachment Patterns
•High-Functioning Anxiety/Depression 
•Chronic Fatigue 
Persistent Headaches & Migraines 
•Symptoms that present like ADHD symptoms (difficulty staying present to focus, heightened anger and irritation, difficulty with working memory, fidgeting, challenges in regulating emotion) 
•Feeling a constant sense of pressure or urgency 
•Toxic Shame (feeling like an imposter constantly) 
•Difficulty sharing your authentic self to the world 
•Social Anxiety 
High-Functioning Addictive Patterns (Over-eating, stimulants, alcohol) 
•Extreme Mood Swings after spending time with certain family members 
•Painful relationship cycles with immediate family 
•Needing to zone out or shut down for hours in the day, or days at a time 
•Constant, persistent feeling that you need to rest or take a vacation

How This Work Can Help You

My Work is based on some key principles


First, that the body is naturally designed to heal when given the right support. In fact all mammals have an innate process for releasing and recovering from, shock, trauma and stress. I believe that is why we have neuroplasticity built into our brains and adaptability built into our nervous systems. In our work together, I will help you learn the language of your nervous system so that you can begin to hear your body’s cues and follow its lead through the journey of healing.

Second, I believe there is always a good reason for what your body is doing. That includes symptoms (even symptoms that are painful or drive you crazy and make you frustrated with yourself). This approach allows us to curiously listen and collaborate to find where your body is in its natural process of healing from trauma. That means that whatever shows up in session - whatever “resistance”, whatever “symptoms” are showing up in your life or in session are showing up for a VERY GOOD REASON! This allows you to hold a whole new level of self-compassion and knowing yourself by partnering with your body to provide the support needed to naturally reduce symptoms rather than trying to force them away or pathologize them.

When working together, we are looking at these key areas:

Biology - how have your cells and biology been impacted by stress and trauma? Let’s leverage your biology through supplement support to give your body the energy it needs to keep progressing and not get stuck as you heal!

Physiology - What is the State of your nervous system (Dorsal, Vagal, Freeze, Fight, Safe & Social?) and where has it gotten stuck? Let’s gently track and support your nervous system to spend more time in your window of tolerance by working to release chronic stress AND grow your body’s capacity for stress.

Healing Mindset - Let’s develop a mindset that supports your body’s process and works with it rather than against it. Letting go of self-judgment, fear of your beautiful body, and accepting the impact of trauma, adverse childhood experiences, or shock in your life in order to heal it.

Relational Patterns - Our adult relational patterns are formed in the first three years of life! These are non-verbal non-cognitive imprints that live inside us. If our parents were struggling with their own stress, trauma, or challenges, it’s likely that we actually didn’t receive the imprints of safety that we needed for our nervous systems to develop healthily! The good news is that we can actually work to heal and restore these deep attachment patterns at the level of your nervous system so that you feel more freedom to be yourself, give and receive love, and enjoy safe, healthy relationships in your life.

Spiritual - How have you felt disconnected from yourself and others as a result of trauma? Have you struggled to hear your own intuition and wisdom? Have you felt disconnected from nature and life itself? Through this work, you will restore the natural connection to all of life - whatever that looks like for you.

The School of Embodied Healing Systems


After helping many clients effectively find more regulation in their nervous systems, I created The School of Embodied Healing Systems to teach in-depth on the science of trauma, trauma resolution, and healing.


EHS is a 10-month practitioner training program that trains coaches, therapists, healers, and practitioners in personal development on how to recognize trauma, work with it and support clients in healing it.

This is a hands-on program that is more than information.


Inside EHS you have the opportunity to apply the tools, knowledge, and skills you are learning in regular monthly supervised practice sessions with your colleagues! 


If you are a coach, therapist or practitioner - check out The School of Embodied Healing Systems Certification


Learn More >


My Formal Training

Biology of Trauma Certification


This is a certification run by Dr. Aimie Apigian, MS, MD, MPH, Board Certified Preventative Medicine Physician (learn more about Dr. Aimie Here). This is an in-depth certification program that covers the impact of trauma on different facets of the biology.

This training allows me to understand some of the more intricate parts of how you body has been impacted by trauma including digestion, early childhood attachment, cellular and mitochondria impact, brain inflammation and so much more!

Completed Modules
Biology of Trauma - Immune System Module

Biology of Trauma - Brain Health in Trauma Module
Biology of Trauma - Energy, Overwhelm & Freeze
Biology of Trauma - Attachment & Neurodevelopment 

Biology of Trauma - Gut Health Digestion Module


Somatic Experiencing Training 


Somatic Experiencing is a modality developed by Dr. Peter Levine. This modality focuses on trauma and the nervous system and how to support trauma resolution at the core level of the body. Somatic Experiencing is a module informed by Dr. Levine’s clinical work with trauma, and his academic study, different cultural healing practices, and Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory. I am currently at the Intermediate 3 Level of this three year training program.

Beginning 1 - Completed

Beginning 2 - Completed

Beginning 3 - Completed

Intermediate 1 - Completed

Intermediate 2 - Completed

Intermediate 3 - Completing in September, 2022

Advanced 1 - Completing in 2023

Advanced 2 - Completing in 2023

Advanced 3 - Completing in 2023


Some Books That Changed My Life & Inform My Work


The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog - Dr. Bruce Perry
Scattered Minds - Dr. Gabor Mate
Dr Allan Schore - The Science and the Art of Psychotherapy
Family Healing - Salvador Minuchin
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts - Dr. Gabor Mate
The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel Van Der Kolk
The Gene Keys - Richard Rudd
Letting Go - Dr David Hawkins
Codependent No More - Melody Beattie
Man’s Search for Meaning - Victor Frankl
The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy - Deb Dana
Complex PTSD From Surviving to Thriving - Pete Walker


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