A New Season of Obedience - Life & Business Update

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Since I placed my trust in Christ, my business has been consistently transforming as I have surrendered layer upon layer to Jesus.

For over 2 years now, it has been a journey of wrestling, seeking God, being sensitive to the Spirit, and sometimes delaying obedience in the direction I receive from God.

He is so patient with me.

But each time I have followed God He has been gracious and faithful.

Last year He gave me a vision for something new: Heart to Christ. 


He began to show me that he wanted me to teach and speak about topics for people who are coming out of various life backgrounds and into the Gospel and the Body of Christ. 


I knew it was going to be a lot of teaching and breaking down concepts from Scripture to bridge the gap for people - healing, apologetics, cultural commentary etc.


However, as time unfolded I realized that it was more than that. 


The Lord was asking me to share my...

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Can you know God Without Jesus? General Knowledge of God Vs Saving Knowledge of Jesus

I received a question on my instagram that is a GREAT QUESTION! And I want to take the time to answer it here:

The Question:
Hello. Real question, do you really think people who have never heard about Jesus can never be connected to the real God ? Or are there cases where it could be (indigenous people for instance, who talk about and with « the great spirit, the great mystery »… or even occidental people who would just talk to « God ».

The answer to this question can be found in understanding the difference between a Saving Knowledge of Jesus VS a General Revelation of God. 

General Knowledge/Revelation of God 

All people - though many will not admit it - have a general knowledge of God. We have general knowledge of God through our conscience and our capacity for moral reasoning. And we also have this general knowledge through how God has revealed Himself in Creation. 


The Bible teaches us about God’s revelation of Himself...

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