Trauma Healing in the Christian Life

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Well I wrestled with sharing this - because I really don’t want to be misunderstood as condemning. This is not being published to condemn or to take a legalistic stance on therapy, medication or anything like that. 

This is a word that has been building continually on my Spirit since my salvation around the difference between trauma healing as a believer in Jesus vs trauma healing in the world. 

The healing journeys look very different. 

While much of secular healing, personal development and psychology falls in the realm of common grace and is neutral and we are free to use it as believers. 

However, there has been an idolatry of these modalities and even modalities that directly contradict what the Lord has shown us in His Word about the nature of...

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A Fresh Look at Self-Sabotage

What is Self-Sabotage? 
Self-sabotage is a common phrase used in modern psychology and healing communities. It can be described as feeling a deep desire to do things that you know will be good, healthy and beneficial for you and for your life - but at the same time, and often unwillingly taking actions or inaction that prevents you from what is good, healthy and beneficial in your life. And may actually harm you.

An example - You know that it will be beneficial to your health to lose weight, but feel addicted to foods that cause health issues and weight gain. The food comforts you and you eat it even though in the long run it harms you, your goals, and your self-esteem and brings you shame. 

Self-Sabotage & The Human Condition
This is a very human issue. All humans have an area of life where this pattern of sabotage seems to eat away at us. Whether it is breaking patterns of addiction, creating new healthy habits, cultivating discipline, overcoming...
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