Working at the Core

I'm about working with issues at the core.
Because it’s efficient and it works faster.
Deep Healing is physical and spiritual business. The pull to move back into old patterns is mental and emotional - but actually at the core it’s physical and spiritual.
Sometimes you’re fighting a spiritual battle but you think it’s in your mind.
In those moments it truly feels like otherworldly forces are holding you back from your destiny.
And you can’t claw your way out with your mindset tools because the issue is deeper.
This isn’t a scary thing. Because when you understand the core of the issue you are more equipped to solve it. You no longer are in agony looking for a needle in a haystack.
And you can reach out for help - ask for support from the Divine, from heavenly forces.
Strengthen your mind through tending to your spirit. It’s the shortcut.
Humanity is going through a big change in this moment.
While you may have felt pulled to your own evolution and healing all your life - there is a stronger sense of urgency in this moment.
It’s about rising to the occasion.
We are evolving.
Denial is harder and harder to stay in, because grace is asking us to move in the direction of facing our core fears and wounds so that we can strengthen our souls to shine out in our gifts in this pivotal time and allow our individual being to self-actualize.
The struggle is real, but your destiny is just as real.
Pray. Read the wisdom of the ages - the philosophers, poets and teachers. I like Malcolm X, Victor Frankl, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Rumi, The Bible The Chinese I Ching, Dr David Hawkins, Gene Keys.
Be in the silence. Move your body.
Drink water, eat healthy foods and pray for your health.
Be around encouraging strong people with fortitude who will lift you up.
Ask for help.
Ask for divine protection.
Ask for the strength to see with clear eyes what is ahead of you.
And continue to walk forward in faith.
Gods plan for you is hope, prosperity and a future.
But you must move in the direction the divine will is pulling you toward.
Big faith in these times is what is being asked of you.
Your business is blessed.
Your healing journey is blessed.
Your soul may be struggling but it is blessed.
Don’t crouch down and wait for it to pass - stand up in faith. Faith in yourself and in what you know in your heart is true about you.
Stand up with the help of the divine and take one step forward toward what you absolutely KNOW is your destiny.
PS - if you want practical help and support on your life and healing journey that is truly holistic - spiritual, mental and emotional go to and fill out the application to work with me for 6 months for deep healing. Its nervous system, brain and soul. The investment is listed on the application and my 1-1 prices are increasing in February. So if you’ve been feeling the pull now is the time. You’ve got big work and big destiny to fulfill, let’s make sure your body and soul is healthy as you bring it into

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