I've been thinking about you... about lighting up a new way forward for you this year

I get you. My 5+ year coaching career has been spent helping women just like you at the nervous system level. 

And by women like you I mean: The beautiful, eccentric, high-performing, entrepreneurial woman that you are.

Believe me when I say that I deeply understand that you are different. You are highly skilled and intelligent  in key areas and when you’re operating in those areas you are absolutely LIT UP!

These areas are the God-given gifts that the Lord has given to you. People  are simply in awe of how much you are gifted in that area. 

I know that you’re in your most dialed-in flow-state when you are operating in those gifts and when you’re there - it’s like a slice of heaven on earth.

I also know that sometimes ( a lot of times) that flow-state can feel elusive. And you can feel foggy headed, dysregulated, distracted, and even a deep sense of frustration at times when it comes to putting all the pieces of your vision together. 

What I have learned about my time coaching women like you is this - 

Your nervous system is very unique - yes your NERVOUS SYSTEM - not just your personality.

We full throttle entrepreneurial women have a unique biology and nervous system.

Some of the key points of the high-performing woman’s nervous system?

❤️‍🔥You utilize high amounts of stress hormones and chemicals to move your life & business forward


❤️‍🔥You often can’t turn your brain off because the adrenaline you’ve used throughout your day is still coursing through your body and it impacts your sleep and relationships 


❤️‍🔥You might find it hard to be vulnerable as you are used to being the one who holds it all together - this results in bracing patterns that can show up in your body - particularly the head, neck shoulders and lower back. (this one can impact your relationship with God and flowing in the Holy Spirit because it makes you prone to self-sufficiency) 


❤️‍🔥You find your inner emotional world to be kinda volatile even though others see you as put together, focused and calm and strong.


❤️‍🔥And… most high-performing women exhibit symptoms of high-functioning ADHD both the hyperactive and inattentive kind and many of these symptoms can be improved through nervous system regulation (ask me how I know!)

By the way - and this is important:
I also know that since you are uniquely brilliant - you’re kinda rare.

Meaning outside of the coaching space online there’s not a whole lot of people who get you in your life. And even in the coaching space you’re still different than most. This can lead you to feeling shame and self-doubt that causes you to try and be like everyone else. 

I can tell you right now - if there is anything that is freeing in business - it is learning to accept the design that God gave you and recognize that He has designed you as you are for a REASON!

And that is what will draw your true people to you both in life and business.

I want to light up a new (Spirit led) way forward for you.

You need to know that God has created your brain and body with neuroplasticity - that means your nervous system can change its structure and many of these patterns that you wrestle with on a day to day basis can change with work and consistent practice.  

To get there - you’ve got to understand your nervous system and learn to flow with it as God intended. The patterns I wrote about above are not strictly mindset based - although renewing your mind in the Spirit is an ESSENTIAL piece of this. These patterns are actually part of how your body has developed due to chronic stress. And like I said - they can be changed (Praise GOD for that!)

I love love love helping women just like you - I get YOU! Because I have worked through these patterns in my life (and still do continually) as a high-performing, ambitious woman of faith with big dreams. 

So I created a 3 Day SPECIAL New Year event for you! YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR BODY & GOD
This event is a 3 day journey that will absolutely transform the course of your year because you will:

1. Understand your nervous system (the high-performing woman’s nervous system cycle that keeps you in the undercover FREEZE) and how to start healing it at a deeper level than you ever thought possible.

2. Gain deep confidence in YOUR unique gifts in business and learn the 3 keys that will help you focus on what really matters and lay aside what DOESN’T so you feel lighter, more spirit led and more confident in what you do and who you help than ever before.

3. Rest deeper and more securely than you ever have in CHRIST and identify the blocks that keep high-performing women from flowing in the Spirit in life AND in business. If you implement what I share with you in this 3 day Event

This three day journey could be sold for at least $1,500 USD but it is absolutely free for you. During the 3 days I will be sharing with you about my Coach Certification program - The Faithful Institute for High-Performing Women of Faith in the Coaching Industry who want a nervous system approach to coaching AND to business that is grounded in the Holy Spirit. But there is SO much tangible value you will get from this three day journey whether you decide to take the Faithful certification or not. It's important to me that I transfer this knowledge and tools to you because I want you to have a BREAKTHROUGH year in your body (nervous system), your business & your life!

Register here for Your Body, Your Business & God the special New Year 3 Day Event! 


Much Love in the Spirit,


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