Human Design and Alignment

As a generator (Human Design) understanding what I specifically am here to build has been such an incredible journey and has really transformed my relationship to my work.
I have always loved work, excellence, ambition and achievement. I am a nature loving spiritual woman who will whip out a healing prayer in our coaching session, AND I love work, the heat of ambition, business and goals and success. I love entrepreneurship, and advancement and innovation.
To me, work, when stripped down to its purest form is a sacred contribution we make to the world. We didn’t come here to do nothing. We came here to create, make things, make magic and collaborate with others.
Greatness is in each of us (yes I absolutely believe that!!!!)
Lately my work flow has taken on a life of its own.
I have a 1-1 practice, a certification school, and a mastermind which I currently run. I’m also writing LOTS of stuff (Book of Healing Prayers, memoir, screenwriting) And yet, what I feel comes through me on these calls is my greatest joy.
I really believe that we are not NECESSARILY meant to work less. I believe we are meant to work less on things which are not our soul-work.
And we are meant to work less from a place of overdrive (high sympathetic nervous system activation), and perfectionism and proving and shame.
But we ARE meant to work.
There’s a refinement that happens to us when we devote ourselves to the work. The suffering and challenge and self-inquiry involved to bring our work into the world is part of all of our healing journey as humans. Part of our self-actualization.
The caveat to this is if you are healing and detoxing your body and spiritual system from chronic stress, patterns of burnout and trauma.
In that case you may need some extra time to incubate and rest.
On top of that, your personality and human design type and a myriad of other factors will determine how much and how you work.
But at the end of the day - devoting ourselves to bringing through the work we are meant to be doing in the world is simply integral to human experience.
There is so much healing and self discovery in that lifelong devotion to the work of your soul!
It’s why I love doing healing for high performers.
High performers love to work! They love to succeed and strive for excellence. And that’s just so wholesome and pure to me.
But as we heal deeply from the inside, we realize some of the traumatic patterns and emotional pain that drove us to seek out that work initially. And we learn to work differently, from a deeper place. From a place of devotion, and love, in service to a higher purpose rather than from a place of emptiness, workaholism or unhealthy ego-desire.
PS - I help high performers heal from trauma (including family dysfunction, shock trauma, and chronic stress and burnout, high functioning anxiety and depression) and live and work from alignment. This is a forward focused work that is grounded in the present with a gentle somatic (body based) approach. It’s holistic, spiritual and life altering.
And yes - it does help clear the path to your great work - your genius work in the world. Because when your body is functioning optimally in alignment with your beautiful essence you have enhanced access to creativity, performance and emotional intelligence.
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