Is the Faithful Institute Right for You if Your Business Serves Non-Christians?

I got a great question from a woman considering joining the Faithful Institute:

She asked: I think I am meant to work with Christians AND non-Christians  - will the certification be beneficial for me?

The answer is absolutely!!

This certification is about equipping you as a woman of God in the coaching industry regardless of who you work with and what your niche is!

As a reminder - The Pillars of the Faithful Institute are:

❤️‍Biblical Philosophy and Unapologetically Christian Worldview

❤️‍🔥In Depth Scientific Nervous System Education

❤️‍🔥Business & Entrepreneurial Skills Training

These pillars are applicable across all niches in the coaching space regardless of who you help and the belief systems of those you help.

Here is why:

Regardless of what the people you are helping believe in - you want to have a solid coaching philosophy that is in alignment with YOUR faith as the one who is running your business. The coaching philosophy inside the Faithful Institute is a philosophy that is grounded in the Bible and the Biblical Worldview.

This is amazing for so many reasons:

  1. Your methodology and philosophy as a coach is coming STRAIGHT from God’s Word. That means it will last beyond trends, beyond fads, and beyond vain/empty philosophy in the coaching space that is not based on the TRUTH of God! The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of WISDOM! Everything that comes from Him is good, right and true. So if you are teaching Biblical principles - everyone benefits whether they are believers or not.

  2. Your methodology will help people receive freedom and transformation and prevent them from moving further into bondage and stuckness because it is rooted in God’s Word! So even if you are working with unbelievers - you are working from Biblical principles because your coaching methodology and framework comes from the source of all truth.
  3. Remember God’s Word is sharper than any two-edged sword - it has the power to discern the intentions of the heart and His Word will NEVER pass away. It is the most firm foundation you could ever have for your business. This will bless your clients in ways they will be thanking you for years to come.

  4. Innovation, goodness and excellence come from God - a huge part of my vision in the Faithful Institute is to equip innovators and LEADERS in the coaching space. I want you to create your own methods and tools in your specific niche that help your people and change the industry. And I want to teach you how everything you need to do that is in God’s Word. I will be showing you how to practically take a concept from the Bible and create a tool that your clients can use that can be used by believers or unbelievers. The key is that it is all rooted in God’s Word!

  5. And of course - whether you believe in God or not - You have a nervous system. All humans do! Our bodies are designed the same way. The nervous system and neuroplastic tools that you will learn inside the Faithful Institute are cutting edge - based on science and free from New Age Ideology. You will be skilled and competent in helping your client understand their body, know how to track and regulate their nervous system. This will completely transform their health and their transformation process because it gives them tools to deal with the stressors of daily life in the modern world in ways that support their brain and body. Which makes everything in their life better.

So - if your business serves Non Christians - the Faithful Institute is the PERFECT place for you! Because you are a woman of God and this certification journey will equip you to stay in alignment with your Faith, God’s Word and God’s Spirit as you serve and bless the wider marketplace. 

Apply here for the Faithful Institute Today! 
We start January 16th and the portal opens to get you prepped for the journey with pre-work on January 9th! 


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