To the Ambitious, Intelligent, Entrepreneurial Woman Who has Met Jesus

To the ambitious, intelligent entrepreneurial woman who has met Jesus…

I know the feeling - being faced with the Truth and feeling like everything underneath you and within you is shaking and quaking 

To know within the depths of your being that Jesus is real and not just real - He is true and really the ONLY thing that is real. 

To question whether people in your life will leave you if you are bold in your faith and then testing the waters and finding that yes in fact they will leave you. 

The existential wrestling with the Truth of Scripture

The heartbreaking encounters with God that show you your need for Him - and that where you placed all your attention, focus and identity was the wrong place and now ALL you want is more of God. 

To recognize the places in your heart that were hard and brittle - hyper-independent and filled with foolish pride and self-sufficiency and weep as the Lord washes you and softens your heart 

To feel the healing hand of God wipe away the clutter and confusion that was clouding up your soul and want to shout it from the rooftops and yet struggle to hold it in 

The loneliness and wilderness of running after Christ out of a life that had nothing to do with Him and clinging to Him for dear life 

The people around you not understanding or thinking you’ve gone crazy 

And the business??


You’ve built a massively successful thing that touches the lives of hundreds of people and once was your burning sole passion and now… 

You feel the pull to offer it up to God as part of laying your life down… 

To teach the truths you’ve learned in His word,  and to integrate it into your business life. 

But how? You ask. 

What will I lose? Will it work? Who even am I? You ask. 

I have created a place for you. A place for you to sharpen your coaching skills using the incredible scientific study & practice of neuroplasticity. And the Powerful philosophy of God’s Word. 

A place for you to dream God's dream for scaling your business.

But more importantly? A place for you to bring your skills, ambition, intelligence, talent and experience and allow God to refine it, soften it and use it for HIM!

A place where you can connect with like-minded ambitious women who have come to know the Lord and laid it down before Him. 

Women of FAITH. 

Women of SKILL.

Women of GOD! 

A place where you can be seen and heard, where your burning desire for God is not just acknowledged but shared and celebrated. 

A place where your brain can be stimulated. 

Where your spirit is fed. 

Where your business is renovated to be the vessel for the breath of God as you learn what it means to be Holy Spirit led in business.

Where the life wounds and traumas that have gone unaddressed will be held and healed by God’s Word, and physically supported as you learn the neuroplastic tools.

We are doing serious business. We are doing serious scientific education. And we are doing serious Study of God’s Spirit & His Word. 

The equipping you receive inside Faithful will be like no other mastermind, no other certification or group you have been in before as a coach.

Because it is all for, about and in God - the source of all intelligence, wisdom and TRUTH. 

Now is the time woman of God - Now is the time for you to join this movement.

Now is the time for you to SHINE in the coaching space for God. 

Now is the time to RISE UP.

I have made this place for you with the vision the Lord gave me.

It is time to build.
It is time to grow.
It is time to SPEAK.
It is time to EXCEL.

And? To do it all together inside the Faithful Institute.

It is time to go forward. And watch God do more in you and your business than He has ever done before. 

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