Operate from your Heart

You can build yourself around your business.
Around how it “should” be.
Around what “needs” to get done.
Around your next money goal.
Around your branding.
You can twist and turn to make it “clear” and palpable.
You can live a whole life in the chase.
You can live a whole life in the ups and downs and highs and lows of that.
Overriding your hearts desire, your nervous system with a smile on.
Or you can decide that your life and your business is built around you.
That you’re gonna build it from your heart.
You can tap back into faith and remember that what you are creating is BRAND NEW.
That you are birthing something revolutionary…
You can tap back into the destiny leadership you came here to embody…
Around who you are, Your gifts, your core values, your service to humanity. Your heart. And your sacred work.
You can build and twist yourself around your business to make it “successful”.
To make it what people understand.
To do it right…
Or You can tap back into your infinite well of creative powers and decide that your business and your life gets to create itself around you.
One is success…
The other is soul-body-felt-sense prosperity.
One is commendable.
The other is the supernova of your heart. The raw power of your heart of hearts.
You have been given divine permission to do business from your heart… and to PROSPER!
What I’m talking about here is more than business success… I’m talking about a new level of self trust, liberation, and remembrance of your divine birthright to RECEIVE and feel safe in that.
I’ve kept the doors open for you to join us in Supernova. My heart wouldn’t let me close them to you.
3 months to heal, radiate and prosper. A prosperity container for LEADERS and ENTREPRENEURS who are ready to do business by faith and light up the sky…
I wanna help you pull the raw material of your great work from the depths of your soul. And clear the conditioning that keeps you in the same old same.
It’s time to open the floodgates to prosperity and let the explosion of your heart eliminate the resistance. For real.
Healing. Alignment. Liberation. Joy. Heart power. Authority. Breakthrough.

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