In this bonus episode of the Heal for Real Podcast, I am sharing the replay of an Instagram Live from October 11th. In that live, I covered Why your soul is saying YES to Supernova (The Spiritual Mastermind for Leaders and Entrepreneurs)! And why you MUST answer the call.


I cover:


1 - The evolutionary leap we are on as spiritual, conscious entrepreneurs


2- Prosperity - this is a prosperity Mastermind - freedom from fear and control around money and KNOWING that you can be your true self and receive prosperity.


3- Prosperity is a healing experience! In Supernova, we are releasing the shame, grief and fear and unhealthy pressures that keep you from owning your uniqueness.


4 - Knowing yourself and what you are truly here to do - Allowing yourself to own that you are here to bring something REVOLUTIONARY and completely unique into the world is the magic!


5- You have done the deep work - you have hit successful goals, you have healed so much and made so many courageous and brave choices and now - this evolution builds on all of that to fully allow the SUPERNOVA - the stellar explosion of all that you are into the world and be prosperous doing it, feeling your best!


And - announcing two bonuses:

  1. The divine feminine YES! What it means to truly open your heart and surrender to your calling even though it may be scary. This is where all your prosperity is!


  1. Centred in your true self - using your Human Design Centres to identify the blocks to prosperity and be in the TRUE use of your unique energy centres to welcome in abundance, peace, satisfaction, surprise and success from your heart! ♥️


The doors close November 1st and you do not want to miss this - joining together with amazing high level women who are at this point of spiritual evolution and have said YES to the journey their soul is craving.

Click here to join Supernova: www.shylacash.com/supernova

Email me: [email protected]

Instagram: www.instagram.com/growhealchange 


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