Heal For Real Podcast-Episode 84-Softening Into Discomfort

We all know that learning to be with discomfort is an essential part of healing and growing. In fact, being with discomfort is an essential part of LIFE! 


After all - didn’t the Buddhists say life is suffering? 


But for you high performers and high achieving entrepreneurs who are used to powering through discomfort - have you noticed that that method and approach doesn’t seem to work as well for the healing journey? 


Why is that? 


It’s because we don’t see results in our trauma healing when we approach the healing journey from our survival patterns! 


Of course - discomfort is part of healing.


But healing requires us to re-evaluate our relationship with discomfort! To heal, we have to support our nervous systems to relate differently to discomfort. Not powering through and burning out. And, not avoiding it all together.


So, what do we do!? 


We soften into the discomfort! 


Listen to this week’s episode of the podcast to learn more about softening into discomfort as you heal from trauma. 


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