The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Bypassing

When I was steeped in the New Age, I used to talk a lot about spiritual bypassing.

Granted - spiritual bypassing is a real thing and it is a problem in every spiritual community - even in mindset communities - it’s mindset bypassing instead of spiritual bypassing.

I used to believe that the way to be free from spiritual bypassing and patterns of denial was through the body.

I believed that you had to learn to regulate your nervous system to truly heal and understand spirituality.

I don’t believe that anymore.

I still think the nervous system plays a major role in healing of any kind.

And if you were to take Jesus out of the picture, then that is where you would start - with the patterns in the body.

But the Bible is true when it says that the Spirit (that is the Holy Spirit) makes the body alive. (Romans 8:11).

Jesus gives you a new heart when you give your life to Him.

Before we know God we have a heart of stone. The heart of stone is a heart that is spiritually blind, hard to the things of God.

When we turn our lives to Jesus He gives us a heart of “flesh” which just means a soft heart, a heart that loves and desires Jesus. A heart that wants to be like Jesus.

When you start to walk by the Spirit of Jesus, He will begin the process of renewing your mind. But this process STARTS with the spirit and shows itself in the body.

An example of this is the cases of addiction where people are delivered from years of addiction in the presence of the Lord.

This is a profound spiritual process.

However, it is also very physical. It is physical because addiction takes its toll on the brain and body - it changes the structure of the nervous system and cells. And it takes time for the body to learn a life of sobriety.

However, in instances where the person is instantly healed of addiction and God takes the addiction, the Spirit brings deliverance to the person's spirit and Body.

Another example would be healing. Jesus demonstrated physical healing during His time on earth ministering to people. And in that process he healed many both physically and spiritually. But it was a work of the Spirit first that showed itself in the physical body.

I had my own experience of this in my early twenties.

Before I knew anything about the science of trauma. After a time of seeking God through prayer and fasting I was brought out of the “dorsal” (that is a term from Polyvagal theory) chronic freeze state - a state of chronic depression and heaviness that I had been in since being a young child.

At the time I didn’t have the science words to describe it - I just knew God had changed my heart forever.

Funny - I walked away from the Lord years later and He preserved that healing for me. Praise God.

It was God’s Word, memorizing it - reading it - writing it that brought about that physical healing for me.

Psalm 107:20 says:
He sent out his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction

When the Holy Spirit is truly at work - spiritual bypassing is not an option. The Spirit works to reveal the deepest pieces of the heart. It shows us the patterns in our lives that are unhealthy - it reveals how the sins of others have wounded us, how our own sin has caused us and others harm. It calls us higher into a place of lasting repair through God’s Spirit and His Word.

Of course, we can resist this if we choose. We can put on empty religion and say all the right words.

And if you’re not a believer, maybe you have experienced people like that.

People who are not yet ready to truly surrender their heart so they live in a place of shallow religion. Saying the right words and seeming to do the right things but they have allowed their hearts to grow hard.

So spiritual bypassing does exist in Christianity - just as it does everywhere else.

Because we humans do like to avoid the deeper inner work.

But but when we truly live by the Spirit as we are called, there is no opportunity for Spiritual bypass.

Only Spiritual regeneration and healing.

And yeah - sometimes it hurts - but it is not for the purpose of harm, it is for the purpose of true healing - healing by the Power of Christ.

But it doesn't start with the body - it starts with the spirit - The Holy Spirit of God touching your spirit. And your body follows suit.

PS - something new is coming tomorrow!!! Stay tuned.

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