In your Heart, there is a Seed

In your heart of hearts there is a seed.
A seed of destiny that longs to grow through you.
This seed is what pulls you inward to itself... it is what gives you the strength to face your darkest shadows and deepest fears.
In the beginning, this delicate seed in the chamber of your heart is private and delicate. It can only be touched by gentle hands and witnessed with gentle eyes.
But as it is fed and watered by both you and the Divine, it grows strong and powerful. And your destiny starts to take shape in the sacred geometry of your life, love and business.
When you forget about this seed, life begins to feel dry and forceful and pushed. Things simply dry up and feel brittle. Sometimes they even hurt. When we grow impatient we leave the chamber of the heart where we have been nourishing this seed of destiny. Where we have been faithfully pulling up the weeds that threaten to strangle it...
And we seek something out there... the next business goal... relationship... money goal... or whatever else to fulfill our hearts.
But the satisfaction you truly desire comes only from nurturing the seed of destiny inside your heart. Watching it grow...
When you live from there (from the seed in your heart), the entire journey is blessed, even when it isn't so easy. And with every obstacle, the seed of destiny grows stronger, and bears more fruit and leaves. Until it becomes a tree within your core, your spine. Strong and deeply rooted. Powerful in the strongest storms.
Are you nourishing the seed of destiny inside you? The calling in your heart of hearts? Or is it time to go back again to that gentle place inside and water it....?
If it's time to go into the chamber of your heart and water that seed, I have an offer for you....
On Monday, November 8th I am teaching the special introductory class in SUPERNOVA . The class is THE DIVINE FEMININE YES.
Originally our first call was on the 15th, but I felt led to begin this container with this bonus teaching & healing as it will soften & prepare your heart to receive the soul body PROSPERITY that you are destined for. This is a healing and alignment container for spiritual mentorship to soul-body prosperity.
This call is all about surrender…
We are going into your sacred hearts’ chamber and touching into your destiny.
This chamber is the place that we create joyful life from, through connecting to our purest most innocent selves, as well as our divine calling… in this place we dissolve resistance and connect to the heart of God.
This has a protective quality for business and life, ensuring you are always in step with the divine - therefore always increasing and always divinely protected.
This is very beneficial if you are being seen at increasing levels and receiving money at increasing levels as well as leadership.
The chamber of your heart is also the place you experience liberation from the mind!
We will be doing some gentle healing prayers and visualizations…
In this tender place, as you remember the seeds of destiny that brought you to this journey... you are asked again to surrender. Another layer is removed and you dissolve resistance.
I simply couldn't close the doors to SUPERNOVA yet, because this evolutionary moment is requiring high-level healing and alignment work, and my heart wants to be in service to that for you. (say hello to my left angle cross of healing in human design and Gene Key 58 the gift of service)!
Specifically, though, I feel led to keep it open for YOU. yes, YOU!
I am honestly not sure how long I will keep the doors open at this point since I am just following my heart's leading.
So if you're feeling the pull to join us, take advantage of this unique opportunity to revolutionize your prosperity. (If you're a private client, just email me as I have a special rate for you).
With So Much Love For You, and the Destiny You Are Here to Embody,

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