Healing Starts with You

As I often say - Healing is my life’s work!
I organize my life around my own healing and alignment - I don’t try to fit my healing and alignment into the life my ego thinks it wants!
That means I put my spiritual and nervous system health first, above all else. This is a practice I have cultivated during over 12 years of the healing journey. Now, I know my system so well, I can give it exactly what it needs all the time. I know how to tend to myself.
When you sign up for the healing journey, you are signing up for a new way of life. To heal at the nervous system and spiritual level, you don’t just do some patchwork on the top layers of your life.
To embark on this journey, you are reclaiming yourself - your soul sovereignty and opting out of the status quo. Which is great - because the status quo is not working and makes us sick!
When you heal your life, you are devoting yourself to a life of optimal health and repair. A life of coming back into harmony with the natural rhythms of nature and your body. You make a sacred discipline of caring for yourself. You are detoxing from imprints and collective programming, and you are choosing to live differently than most people do.
And as a result - you experience the richness of life.
You are more present to the entire spectrum of your life.
You sleep better.
You have more energy
Your organs function better.
Your mind is sharper.
Your gifts shine brighter.
You are more creative.
You are a self-actualized individual.
You are highly attuned to the needs of others without losing yourself.
You know how to advocate for yourself.
You reconnect with your own essence and The Divine.
This is the difference between knowing a bunch of information, and actually experiencing healing at the cellular level.
Awareness is only the gateway. Embodiment is the deepening.
Healing is not a quick fix. It’s an awakening. It’s a soul-body repair. And it is the most rich, beautiful life-affirming thing.
And as you devote yourself to the healing journey, you raise the consciousness of the global community as well. Because one less person living off chronic stress & trauma patterns, is one MORE person living in harmony. One more person who is leading a new way forward.
It starts with you.

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