Sacred Geometry

Let’s talk about sacred geometry!
Sacred Geometry is a beautiful way to understand ALIGNMENT. It’s the understanding that there are basic, underlying patterns and shapes which form the rhythms and flows of life.
These patterns are simple in that they usually begin with a basic shape, and mysterious because as the basic shape is duplicated or combined with other shapes, they take on a complexity that mimics the harmonic rhythms of all physical and spiritual life.
What does this have to do with your healing and alignment?
Well, if you’ve ever had a sense of destiny. If you’ve ever felt that you had a path you were meant to walk here on earth. If you’ve had a sense of sacred calling on your life, then you have tapped into your sacred geometry!
Human bodies have sacred geometry also. This includes your actual skeletal structure, cellular structure and organ positioning.
To go deeper, DNA is sacred geometry, snowflakes are sacred geometry. Water has sacred geometry.
And then there is what is sometimes called your “light body”. The “light body” is a way of conceptualizing your emotional body, mental body and etheric body.
As you heal at the nervous system level you are activating your light body, making it easier for you to connect to the eternal essence of yourself, and The Divine.
Trauma Healing is only the beginning. It’s the ground floor that most people try to skip. Mainly because of the lack of understanding of what trauma is. Detoxing from chronic stress and coming into harmony with your body is the beginning of alignment… the beginning of coming into harmony with your sacred geometry. The beginning of a life of true liberation, prosperity, and beauty. And I believe it is an essential component of bringing your vision to life.
The egoic way of living we currently subscribe to in the west is a paradigm of outside-in living. Even mindset work - which is still important - can only take you so far when it comes to your destiny path. In fact the mind and interact functions much BETTER when you’re working with your body and soul. Because the human mind is actually not meant to be our decision maker. We are meant to make decisions from the depths of our being, not from what the egoic mind seems rational, or logical.
This is what’s gotten us into trouble (chronic stress, addiction, depression, anxiety, burn out, family dysfunction etc etc)
But the true journey begins with the beauty of your body. The mystery of you, your inner self holds so much wisdom which unfolds as you take on the more subtle journey of deep healing at the body and soul level.
it’s a conscious decision, as well as a spiritual and physical unfolding. It clears resistance, makes life simpler and defines your frequency. YES high vibrational living is a real thing, but it’s a little deeper than how it’s usually taught.
Below are pictures of some sacred geometry including the flower of life, my Gene Keys profile and my Human Design Body Graph.
Human Design and Gene Keys are incredible tools for getting in touch with the sacred geometry of your life - your destiny. They give us tools to read the complex code of our nature, and bring clarity and simplicity to life’s journey.
To get in touch with your sacred geometry, slow down and look at the shapes around you. Flowers, snow… Contemplate your DNA, your cells, contemplate your skeletal structure. Look at images like the flower of life, Hexagrams of the I Ching, your Gene Keys profile, or your Human Design Body Graph. As you do so you will begin to remember your place in the harmony of all that is.
And instead of pushing against the grain, you will remember it can be simpler, that you can align back into your destiny, the sacred geometry of your life and dissolve resistance.
That business and life can be done from a place deep inside you. The place that knows all is well inside the whole.
PS - To work with me 1-1 go to to apply - I am a healer. I combine my somatic experiencing training, biology of trauma training as well as almost 13 years of my own trauma resolution after a very abusive childhood, with spiritual wisdom, my own written healing prayers, human design, and Gene Keys. I do the deep work with high performing entrepreneurs and leaders. The soul and body nourishing work that creates efficient change at the nervous system and spiritual level which makes life simpler and clearer for you. It’s holistic and it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced in the coaching space. If that’s speaking to you, I’d love to work with you.

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