Life is Always Calling us Forward

✍🏾Struggle. Talent. Art. Performance. Trauma.
Working with high performers who are talented, gifted and skillful - helping them on their healing journey - PLUS my own fascination with work and what it means for us as humans (hello Generator 5/2 Human Design) always has me thinking about these things.
The pain of life and its relationship to our work.
The age-old idea seems to be true that most of our gifts emerge initially from a place of pain or need. This is why I believe we adore superheroes - mostly mere mortals whose powers were born through tragedy or pain.
What I am particularly interested as a healing and alignment coach to excellent people who love to excel, contribute and succeed - people who feel CALLED to a certain work in the world - is how we can evolve our relationship to the work we do.
Acknowledging that much of the birth of talents and gifts happened in the dark places.
Because what I see happen over and over is that the gift saves us when it’s needed. But over time we are called to a deeper integration of the gift.
We’re called to transcend the need and the struggle around it - the SURVIVAL patterns around our gifts and work and talents. And this I believe is where healing from trauma of all kinds including childhood and family dysfunction is ESSENTIAL.
Life is always calling us forward. Moving us toward healing and regeneration. It’s a natural spiritual law.
And so the tattered, intimate, beautiful and difficult and sometimes essential relationship we have with our work - our gifts - our dharma - becomes the container that asks us to continually evolve and heal. To look at things that are blocking the way toward the next opening.
The next step.
With all my heart, I believe that our great work calls us to deep healing. While the tortured artist/genius trope is a real thing, I believe understanding trauma at its most fundamental level will help us grow out of this as a global community. And indeed many are learning and have learned to heal the tortured artist identity and have a more healthy relationship with their gifts and talents. Though parts of our great work will always be challenging - they don’t have to torture us.
So whatever your great work - whatever your calling, your art, your dharma - and whatever pain in your heart lead you to it, I acknowledge you. Your journey here.
And I invite you to consider how your relationship with your dharma may be leading to a new, healthy dynamic through your own personal healing of mind soul and body.
PS - Want to work with me? I work with high performers, leaders and entrepreneurs. I have a knack for the complex stuff that you find challenging to work through on your own (chronic stress, trauma, family dysfunction and dynamics, as well as helping you access your beautifully unique, genius work in the world at new levels). It’s about healing and alignment. And in this work - it’s all connected. I’m here to help you integrate where you may have had to compartmentalize.
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