Money: is it God or the Devil?

There is nothing emptier than chasing money for its own sake. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with money. 
We use money in our current society as a resource. 

And I think if you feel driven to create more of that resource, then you want to follow that drive. 
Ambition is a beautiful thing - I think it’s innately human and magnificent. 
But the human heat of ambition is meant to fuel you to carry out your vision in the world from alignment.

Money is only one component of that. 
Money is not the devil, but it’s not God either. 
Money is not a saviour. It’s not a healer. 
And, you can have money without prosperity. 
This is how you can end up making money you never dreamed of making in your business and still feel out of alignment, lack of vitality and feel empty. 

You can accumulate money doing many things with many skills and many talents. Once you get beyond some basic money mindset work, you can run with it and make money doing basically anything. And I think that’s amazing. 

But money is only one component of life.

Healing and alignment is about QUALITY and HEALTH of your life and the body and the soul. Not just financial health. 

I believe prosperity is about doing your best work, from your heart, in alignment and allowing the essence of yourself to shine along the way. 

I believe prosperity is a healing journey.

Because just like there’s nothing emptier than chasing money for its own sake - or out of a wounded false belief that it can save you… there is nothing more satisfying than creating a prosperous, trusting and healthy relationship with yourself, life and the Divine.

A relationship that is based on liberation from the fear and control and wounded chasing of money that causes many entrepreneurs to lose themselves along the way.

You don’t have to sell your soul for money.

In fact, you can do your great work in the world, from your divine and innate gifts, and trust that you will be prosperous and blessed within that work.

In SUPERNOVA, the three month mastermind for leaders & entrepreneurs, I am walking you through a 3 month journey of healing and alignment. SUPERNOVA is a prosperity container that is holistic. We are having an elevated conversation about prosperity, and I am guiding you through the journey of liberation from fear and control around money. Breaking through the conditioning that says you must do THIS or do THAT for money.

We are getting back to the heart of it. The great work you came here to do from your heart in higher service to the world. We are connecting you to the vision that lifts you up from the hamster wheel and endless chase feeling.

I will help you understand what prosperity truly means. That is SOUL BODY prosperity. Where you truly feel alive in your life, present, and healthy. Doing the work you were meant to do, free from the fear and control paradigms that have kept you believing that anything other than serving from your heart was required.

Here are some of the specific things we’re covering inside SUPERNOVA:

Prosperity and your nervous system - what does it mean to expand your body’s capacity to feel safe and grounded in your mission and with resources? What does it mean to let your nervous system lead you in entrepreneurship. This is what we will be covering!

Using Richard Rudd’s beautiful system of the Gene Keys to understand your true vocation - your DHARMA - Understand how this tool can help you access the prosperity in your DNA.

Restoring faith in yourself and the work you feel called to do in the world. Business and life is meant to be simple, beautiful and to feel good.

Healing the wounds that create fear-based paradigms around business and leadership. Some of these wounds are unique to leadership and clearing these can help you see your vision clearly and keep being successful from your heart, feeling whole.

Allowing your essence to shine through in your work - doing business from an open heart.

I have also added two bonuses to SUPERNOVA
1. The Divine Feminine Yes - moving out of wounded feminine and wounded masculine paradigms in business and learning what it means to surrender to what you feel called to do in the world.
2. CENTERED IN YOUR TRUE SELF - This is a bonus live class on the human design centres specifically as they relate to prosperity. We are covering the true use of each center to help you clear the blocks to prosperity flow.

This is deeper than money - it’s about LIBERATION.

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