Episode 17 - Time and Trauma Part 3 - The Future

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Time and Trauma - Episode 17

The Future

Hello my people! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week since we chatted last week.  it’s good to be with you here again - it’s always good to be with you here through the podcast. It’s an honour to be filling your ears with this knowledge and gifting it to you and knowing that you’re receiving it and doing this work and being helped and encouraged on your journey - it’s really a blessing. I love the internet! 


This week is the last installment of the time and trauma series - The past the present and the future and we are talking today about the future. The fabulous beautiful amazing future that you can actually create for yourself today - here in the present. 


Last week we talked about the present - where our power is, and the week before that we talked about the past - and how the past is over.


So moving right along -I’ve really loved teaching this series and I think it’s providing a lot of clarity and simplicity for you on your journey to emotional health and healing from painful past circumstances that have really been lingering in your system - your thinking mind, your body, your nervous system, your spirit and your emotional body. 


So - here’s the deal with the future:
You can have whatever you want in the future.

You can CREATE whatever you want in the future.

The past is over. It is not an indication of what is possible for us, or what we can create or who we can become in the future. 

Okay - so regardless of what has happened in the past - the FUTURE IS YOUR PROPERTY. Okay. I heard that quote from one of the most amazing teachers - brooke castillo and it is worth repeating to you here tonight. The future is absolutely 100% your property my love.


Yes - it’s true you can truly have and create whatever you want. 

So you can create the relationships you want, the healing you want, the emotional health you want, the money you want, the friendships you want, the home you want. It is all available to you. 


All that’s required, is that you do the internal work of healing your mind and transforming your thinking and your nervous system - your body and brain - re-conditioning your body and brain to bring the future that you WANT into the now. RATHER THAN, bringing the past you don’t want into the now. 


I’ll say it again - you can have whatever you want in this life. You can create whatever it is you desire to create in your life. All that’s required is that you recondition your body and brain to bring the future you want into the NOW - into the present, RATHER THAN bringing the past you DON’T WANT into the now. 


THAT - that that that… is very very powerful stuff. And it is very freeing. 


So it means that right now It means you are creating a future of healing. You are creating a future of wealth and abundance. You are creating a future of receiving love. You are creating a future of fulfilling relationships. You are creating a future of emotional health, and emotional wealth for yourself. 


OR you are creating a future of more of the same. 


Either you are creating the future of what you truly want and desire. The desires of your heart of hearts. Or, you are creating a future of more of the same. But either way - you are the one who is creating it.


Now if you remember and think back to last week - we talked about how the present is where our power is right. The present is where we make the decisions - moment by moment - day by day - that create either the future we want, or more of the past we don’t want. 


So - you’re probably like wow that’s pretty far fetched you’re trying to tell me i can literally create whatever I want? You’re telling me i have the power to create my hearts desire. There’s no way that’s what you’re saying - that’s unrealistic - that’s impossible - is that what you’re saying!?

YES! YES! YES! That is exactly what I am telling you my darling. 


You create your own results with your thinking. Your thinking about yourself. Your thinking about your past. Your thinking about your future and your thinking about what is possible.


Remember - the future is your property - you are in charge here baby! And you truly can create whatever you want. 


It doesn’t have to be hopeless. It doesn’t have to be more of the same. You don’t have to be stuck in depression, anxiety, and ruminating and obsessing over the past. You don’t have to always be who you have always been. EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE. Because you have the power to change your thinking, to heal your body and nervous system and to create a fantastic beautiful life for yourself. You have the power to transform no matter WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST. 


And this is something that - if you’ve really been through the ringer - and i know some of you have been THROUGH it that listen to this. Some of you have had some real shit happen, and some of you have had some real dysfunctional family dynamics. I am not negating that. I’m not trying to rewrite your story for you. BUT!!!

What I am saying to you is this - YOU can rewrite your future.
You can be exactly who you want to be. You can have exactly what you want to have. All that’s required is the internal work of the heart and the mind to heal your perspective. 

The past is over - just like we talked about in part 1 of this series. 


Having trauma in your past - painful experiences does NOT cancel out your future. 


You don’t have to stay stuck in survival. You can absolutely thrive and create a beautiful future for yourself. 


Doesn’t mean it happens overnight. Doesn’t mean it won’t take work and effort. It will - it absolutely will. It’s a journey - we are travelling from one place to another. We are transforming our identity. We are transforming what we think about ourselves. We are transforming what we think about the world around us. And what we’re capable of. 


So I want to give you more knowledge and understanding of how to bring the future you want, into the now. How to call the future that you desire - the future of your dreams into this moment and actually become that person now. 


And if you haven’t listened to the episode on creating new things - that episode is a great companion to this one so be sure to listen to that one. 


A lot of us have a misconception about healing from trauma. And that misconception is that one day we will wake up and suddenly we will just feel perfect and shiny happy everyday and there will be noconflict in our relationships and we’ll just have everything we want and we will never feel bad. 


Well, that is not healing. That is not emotional health. That is a fantasy and that does not exist. We are human beings and we will always have discomfort to deal with and events happen that we can’t control, and sometimes we might be sad, or confused, or depressed.


And here’s the thing. I’m going to redefine healing for you right now. I’m going to blow your mind with this. You are healed. And you are healing at the same time.


When you make a small, tiny, little choice from a place of awareness. From a place of thinking about the future you want and deciding to act from that place and respond from that place rather than react - you are actually HEALING! 


And I know that you’re not exactly where you were one year ago, two years ago. You have healed in many, many ways. 


Because I think we often get into the trap of thinking that we have so far to go. That it’s going to be so hard. That we’re not doing a good job. 


But when you implement what you’ve learned. When you decide to commit to yourself and your practice - when you decide to respond, rather than to react - you are, in fact, healing. See it’s these small choices we make. It’s these little decisions we make in the present that call the future we desire into the now. It’s these things that make all the difference in our lives. 


So when you decide to surround yourself with loving people and safe relationships - you’re calling your future into now. When you decide to hire a coach - you’re calling your future into now. When you decide to meditate, or you decide to sit with yourself. When you decide to love yourself and be compassionate to yourself rather than beating yourself up you are calling the future that you want into right now.


When you decide to get the support you need you’re calling your future into now - when you decide to journal you’re calling your future into NOW. Do you see? You are the one with the power. You are the one who decides in the present - what kind of future you want. 


I think a lot of us try to get different results with thinking and feeling the same feelings and it just doesn’t work my love. If we want to create the future we want, we’ve got to commit to being that future us now - in the present. Where all our power is. And that’s the hard part - because the past patterns want to climb up and rear their ugly heads and make us think that we can only live out our past on a loop in our future. But the beauty of working on our thoughts and our feelings and creating real emotional health from the inside out is that once we learn to do that work, we can truly create anything we want. Because it’s our thoughts and feelings that create the future we want, or keep us re-creating the past that we don’t want.


And the present moment is really the fork in the road. It’s the crossroads. The present moment and building the skill of awareness in the now is what is going to allow us to create more and more space in our lives for the future we truly want to create. 


Okay - and so if this has really kind of hit you - and you feel it and you identify with it and you know it’s true and you’re ready to really create a new future for yourself from the inside out. And you’re ready to stop living from the past and re-creating the past, I want to invite you to hop on a consult with me. It’s a complimentary hour of your time where you can really get some help from me and you can also decide on that call if you’d like to work with me further in my 6 month 1-1 coaching program. It’s where I teach you 1-1 how to apply these concepts, it’s where we create the space for real, lasting transformation to occur in your life, it’s wher eyou have the space to grow, to be uncomfortable, to stop spinning around in more of the same and really - powerfully - change your life from the inside out.  I have been stuck. I have been in the thick of traumatic responses and past patterns and feeling like everything was lifeless and black and wondering if it could ever get any better and I look back on those days now with so much love and gratitiude for this process of change, and of getting coaching and support to help me move through the pain and the residue of the past so that i could create my own future - so that i could create the beautiful life i’m living now. 


And so I want to invite you on the call - come talk to me and take that next step in your journey and let’s create your beautiful new future together my love.


Email me at [email protected] and we will set up the consult on there. Okay - i’m excited for you - i’m excited for you to apply this work - for you to allow this work to sink into your guts and cells and DNA and pores and veins and every part of you. And I just love you guys so much and I love this work so much and I love the courage and the strength that it takes to show up and work on your emotional health it’s truly an honour to be on this journey and to be part of your journey as well.


Continue forward in healing - remember - as you heal yourself, you heal the world. 

I’ll talk to you next week. 


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