Trauma Patterns and our Physiology

As you age, working with trauma patterns becomes more and more important. Especially if you’re an ambitious, high performing person who wants to, and indeed IS doing BIG stuff in the world!
Why? 😮
For most of us, our bodies move into trauma patterns unconsciously when we are young, adapting to both big and little stressors.
These stressors, if not dealt with properly, create changes in our cellular function, nervous system and DNA - but young bodies are naturally faster at keeping up with the oxidative stress.
But as we move into adulthood and beyond, The physical energy required to push the patterns away or avoid them takes an increasing toll on your cells and biological functions, as well as your executive functioning.
Meaning your body needs more and more energy to do the same things, and the pushing and avoiding becomes less and less available - and can show up in ways you wouldn’t expect (including chronic illness, brain fog, brain inflammation and more) which is NOT what we need when we are out running businesses, leading and making visionary things happen in the world!
Your physiology WANTS to work for you! You are DESIGNED for Healing and Regeneration as a human (and a mammal for that matter).
Your body CAN start to move into a state of repair that benefits ALL areas of your life - from work to your intimate relationships.
But your body needs your help! It needs your help in addressing the stored stress and trauma that has been making things require so much pushing!
So - if you’re a big soul, doing big stuff that has been quietly pushing away some pain or difficulty and trauma from your early years - NOW is the time to deepen your healing journey!
There are so many benefits to trauma work that range from ones you’d think of to ones you’d never think of -
Increased energy
Reduced brain inflammation
Better quality sleep
Access to emotion regulation
Physical increase in energy
A feeling of being INSIDE your life and work
Increased access to creativity
Deeper felt connections with others
Better access to boundaries
Clarity about family dynamics
Spiritual connection
Reduced oxidative stress
Clearer inhibition
Reduction in depression and anxiety
And on and on and on!
Can you imagine how just these benefits would impact your life and work, and allow you to access the even greater potential you know is there?
Are you a high performer who wants to begin the body based journey to trauma healing gently without constantly talking about the past?
Go to and let’s get you started on this amazing ride!

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