Spiritual Practice & Embodiment in Business

For me, relying too much on logic in business creates a point of diminishing returns.
Logic is not the only element to life - it’s important for sure - but our mental logic is limited to our current paradigm! And this is a major flaw of the logic-only way of entrepreneurship.
To me, spiritual practice & embodiment is what brings the HEAT - as in the life force energy to business.
Business is about being in the market place, assessing need, contributing your gifts, creating things, connection, vision, faith and confidence and a lot more than logic.
For me business is also about flowing in harmony with the energetic current. I do have a second line in my Human Design Profile (sacral generator 5/2) which means things must be harmonious and NATURAL for me.
It doesn’t mean things can never be uncomfortable, it just means that discomfort needs to be in alignment with creating more ease in the long run. So the discomfort is about detoxing from old ways of being that don’t support my own divine flow, and allowing myself to grow and expand.
I believe that life/God is always leading us to growth and expansion. And Because I believe that - I don’t work overly hard on trying to figure out what’s next (and when I do - things don’t go well).
Instead I drop deeply into myself and prayer and spiritual practice, this allows me to SEE and FEEL what is next on my path (sacred geometry) - I hone in on my gifts and use the spiritual and practical tools that work best for me:
โœ๐Ÿพwriting, journaling,
๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพprayer, mediation,
๐Ÿซ€my somatic (body and nervous system) practice and exercises, exercise and nutrition,
๐ŸŽ„being in nature and
๐Ÿงฌgoing all in on using my gifts to help my clients do the deep healing work they desire.
๐Ÿ”ฎspiritual tools like the Bible, I Ching, Human Design, Map of Consciousness & Gene Keys
I know if I tap deeply into the divine flow and get out of my limited mind, that I will tap into my own infinite well and that I will be led to what is truly next for me. And what’s important here is that I will have the ENERGY available to do what is next for me.
The energy that comes from being in alignment which supports my overall health and vitality.
life’s natural direction is growth - therefore my job is to ALLOW that growth to happen. Sometimes that is uncomfortable, but I have to be growing otherwise my soul atrophies and feels like it’s dying. This is a spiritual law of nature, there is a hum of motion that’s happening, constant cycles - constant states of change.
Of course, to do business this way - you’ve gotta have something you DO! A gift that you bring the world - the market - in service. That’s why I like to work with high performers and leaders in healing and alignment.
This work is about getting to the ESSENCE - the spiritual and physical CORE of things.
I like to work efficiently, the surface level work can be good - but if you want the real bang for your buck you’ve got to go the level below the iceberg to move mountains. The MOST efficient way to do this is through spiritual and body work - period.
So, because I believe that to be true - I follow that philosophy in business. Getting to the spiritual essence of the issue through tapping into higher wisdom than my HUMAN mind, getting into the well of DIVINE wisdom AND clearing space in my cells, nervous system and physiology to prepare myself for where God is leading.
That’s really the recipe.
I took my business to earning more than a quarter of a million cash collected in 2021 using these principles. Without over working, using a cookie cutter strategy, and consistently developing my gifts and skills as a practitioner. To me that is so sweet.
So what I want to say to you entrepreneurs, leaders and ambitious people out there is:
You are being guided!
But can you cultivate a life where you hear that guidance all the time - in life, in business, and in relationships?
Your human logic is limited to your paradigm. It is divine wisdom in support of that logic that really breaks things open.
Yes darling - it’s about FAITH! It is one of the core principles of business building.
When you tap into faith, focus on your healing and alignment, you will be led forward, upward and onward to fulfill your vision.
There’s no if’s ands or buts about it my love.
I will be opening a new Mastermind for leaders, entrepreneurs and high performers.
This mastermind will be practical, spiritual, and give you practical and grounded ways to tap into your own intuition and alignment so that you can move in FLOW with the direction life/God is leading you in business.
You will be flowing WITH the current rather than against it - leading you to absolutely CRUSH your goals beyond what you though was possible, simply by operating in your gifts and offering them to the world, in alignment.
This will be an immersive, 12 month, highly supportive, practical and nourishing container that is designed to help you create the vision you hold in your heart for life and business and let it OUT into the world.
In a way that supports your personal alignment and healing journey as an entrepreneur.
You will develop a deep sense of trust in yourself, your direction and your identity as an entrepreneur.
And, you will have practical tools to help you understand what that looks like for YOU individually.
This container will be a place that I share all my expertise about entrepreneurship, money mindset, spiritual power, running a business in a way that supports your nervous system, as well as practical work like sales, writing for connection, high performance and energy management as an entrepreneur and so much more.
What makes this mastermind unique is my own expertise of the nervous system (my 13 years of personal healing from abuse and neglect, my somatic experiencing training & biology of trauma training), spiritual wisdom (gene keys, human Design, map of consciousness) AND, my own ability to scale my personal business to more than a quarter of a million dollars.
Places will be limited as it is my intention for this to be a very intimate, nourishing and high touch container for the first intake. I run my certification program (Embodied Healing Systems) this way and it is very beneficial to the students.
Would you like to be the first to know when more details emerge? DM me your email to join the waitlist.

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