Calling all Entrepreneurs!

As a fellow entrepreneur and high-performer - I know how important your business goals are to you. You want to bring your vision into the world and help the amazing people you serve in business.
I also know what it takes to do that: energy, health, stress management, and clear alertness that allows you to move with confidence and alignment in the marketplace.
If you’ve got trauma patterns, there is no better time to address them than right now. Why? Because if you’ve got trauma in your life and it’s going unaddressed, that’s an amazing LEVERAGE point that can help you meet your life and business goals with a LOT more ease and energy.
I believe so passionately in trauma work! Not because you need to go digging around in the past, but because your future will thank you for it!
Having specialised support to navigate chronic stress patterns and trauma patterns in your life is the best way to take care of yourself this year.
I’ve got 4 1-1 openings beginning in February.
If you’ve been hanging around my corner of the internet and thinking about jumping in to start your trauma healing journey, now is the perfect time.
This work will help you take your nervous system and health into account as you prep, organise and plan for the year ahead.
It will help you protect your energy on this big journey of achieving your goals.
It will help you support your health, biology and cells throughout the year.
And it will help you navigate those pesky dysfunctional family dynamics that take energy from you and cause a build up of chronic stress!
This is the year to work at the core level of some of the patterns you know you’d like to address.
I want you to meet your goals in life and business AND I want to help you do that in a way that gives you space to think clearly, feel clear and grounded, and really have a great sense of yourself and your vision along the way.
Go to and fill the application out. Then I’ll get back to you within 2 days to set up a time to talk, get to know you and your unique life circumstances so that I can learn how to support you specifically. And you’ll get your questions answered before we move forward.

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