Managing vs. Healing

Driven, ambitious people are scrappy, super smart and willing to do what it takes. Entrepreneurs are resourceful.
That’s why I love working with them.
If you’re entrepreneurial and working to bring your vision to the world, then you are the type that will go the extra mile and push through! You’re made that way.
You have grit and tenacity and you’ll get back up and fight for your dreams. You’ll fight to build a better life for yourself and you’ll work hard to do it. (Ask me how I know darling!)
When you have trauma patterns in your nervous system and cells from childhood, or other life circumstances, this pushing through is a way to MANAGE something deeper. While it works as a temporary solution, over time it begins to take a greater toll.
Where pushing through body heaviness, anxiety, high functioning depression, chronic fatigue and pushing down memories to get things done was once very do-able - as we age it becomes less and less do-able.
The stress leftover from traumatic experiences doesn’t resolve with time.
It lives in our cells, organs, nervous system, muscles, joints and fascia. It’s called chronic stress. And it’s at the root of most of our modern day sickness and disease.
If we keep managing traumatic stress without getting to the root of it, our bodies break down. And this is where we begin to see fractures in health over time in the form of energy drain, spiritual disconnection, chronic illness and disease, severe emotional disregulation, decline in focus, and the things we were much more able to “push through” as high performers now are not longer push through-able. And you’re left with less energy which makes it harder for you to maintain your relationships and the energy to continue bringing your vision to the world is less and less available.
After a lifetime of managing, The body begins bringing us to a stop to address the trauma we’ve been running from. It calls us to heal.
This is scary for entrepreneurs and leaders.
While continuing to manage the chronic stress and trauma has negative long term affects, you also know that managing is the way that you’ve built your life and success despite some really tough early life circumstances. It was a resource to keep you going.
How do you stop managing and start healing? And how do you do it in a way that doesn’t require stopping your life altogether?
That’s where I come in.
I help powerful, ambitious entrepreneurs with big vision gently release
Managing behaviours and learn to HEAL at the core level. I do this in a way that is:
♥️Life affirming
♥️Functional (meaning the work enhances your overall functioning rather than taking you out of the game)
♥️Somatic (body-based)
My clients are in awe of themselves and the transformations they experience in healing, entrepreneurship, parenting, relationships with family.
It goes on and on.
My specialty is healing of all forms.
It’s who I am and what I do.
The nervous system is not a buzz word for me. It is my life’s passion and work, because without in depth study of nervous system healing and what that means and applying it to my life I probably wouldn’t be here.
My human design incarnation cross is the left angle cross of healing.
I come from a childhood of abuse and neglect that left my brain and body filled with stress and trauma including a paranoid schizophrenic parent, and it goes on and on.
I train in somatic experiencing and the biology of trauma and I will do that for the rest of my life. I love to learn about the human body and apply that knowledge. I study spiritual healing constantly.
What I do is the deep work. It’s long lasting. It’s efficient. It’s incredibly holistic. And it will change your life and business forever.
I know you have great work to do in The world. I know you have a destiny in your heart and that you’ve felt that since you were a child. in spite of the pain and trauma you’ve experienced you’ve built a successful life and business. You’re amazing. Look what you’ve accomplished already while managing.
Now, I can help you keep winning and creating big things in your life and do it in a way that allows you to be present, agile and feel a sense of yourself along the way.
I can help you heal at the core level so less managing is required.
I can help you do it in a way that requires less energy.
🙌🏾 It’s time to stop managing and start healing. I can help you.
Go to and fill out the application. Cost details are included in the application. Once I receive it I’ll get back to you within 2 business days and we will setup a time to talk and get to know each other and you can get your questions answered before we move forward into the coaching relationship.

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