Managing vs. Healing

Driven, ambitious people are scrappy, super smart and willing to do what it takes. Entrepreneurs are resourceful.
That’s why I love working with them.
If you’re entrepreneurial and working to bring your vision to the world, then you are the type that will go the extra mile and push through! You’re made that way.
You have grit and tenacity and you’ll get back up and fight for your dreams. You’ll fight to build a better life for yourself and you’ll work hard to do it. (Ask me how I know darling!)
When you have trauma patterns in your nervous system and cells from childhood, or other life circumstances, this pushing through is a way to MANAGE something deeper. While it works as a temporary solution, over time it begins to take a greater toll.
Where pushing through body heaviness, anxiety, high functioning depression, chronic fatigue and pushing down memories to get things done was once very do-able - as we age it becomes less and less...
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Heal Childhood Trauma With Creativity

When our bodies are balanced and we feel safe and happy, we are in a state of “regulation”.  In this place, we are not too stressed, nor are we too excited or exhausted. We are calm. We are clear. We have focus. We are creative. We are able to communicate rationally and clearly and openly.

BUT, when we experience trauma this sense of safety and balance is completely ripped away from us. It’s almost as though our soul is taken from us and what is left is only a shell.

This trauma is deeper when you’ve lived your whole life being abused and neglected by your primary caregivers. You may feel completely devoid of a sense of self – your brain has developed under chronic stress which causes your body to look out only for your survival.

Our bodies have two distinct reactions to traumatic experiences.   We can be be maxed out – unglued emotionally and physically – this looks like panic, toxic stress, anxiety and physical...

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