I’ve got another awesome conversation with an incredible client for you this week on the Heal for Real podcast!

This beautiful interview with Sarah really encompasses why I even do this work. To help AMAZING people with inherent gifts and skills heal their lives and soar in the world. Sarah certainly is one of those amazing people. Anyone who knows Sarah knows that she is an absolute shining light and a born leader.

Her optimistic spirit really shines through everything she does.

Sarah is a Certified Leadership & Management Coach. She holds a Masters in Public Administration & is a Project Management Professional. Her personal 16-year professional adventure has led her to share the lessons she has learned about resilience and change. She mentors leaders in ANY transition or stage of growth.

Sarah came to work with me 1-1 after realising she had some stored trauma due to complications she experienced during the birth of her twins. On this episode, she shares her experience working with me and the incredible transformation that has taken place since we began working together one year ago.


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