Usually after I practice my embodiment practice, I find that poetry flows so easily from me
As a child growing up in family dysfunction, writing was a lifeline.

Now, with years of healing and embodiment under my belt, I find that what comes out of me is the story of redemption, and holistic healing. It solidifies the integration of my story within me as a place of power where pain once held me hostage. 

The experience of family pathology and dysfunction begins before we are conscious.
It begins in our imprinting, before we can speak and often before we can remember.

Generational patterns live within us as what Dr. Peter Levine calls “procedural memories”. While we can’t access the cognitive memory, the body knows what lies beneath. It tells the story through tears, trembling, anxiety, depression and other ailments that serve as messengers.

This poem is about how I really didn’t know I had a self. I grew up fractured and traumatized by a narcissistic mother who broke my heart every day. It speaks to the physiological state of disconnection (dissociation) that I lived in for my childhood and adolescence and late teens. I didn’t even know the extent of my pain. I barely knew I had a body. 


On the other side of that experience, my heart overflows with compassion for myself. And for others who have experienced the terrifying horror of abusive and neglectful parenting.

With my clients, teaching them to first connect with themselves, so they can access the sadness that’s longing to be witnessed is often the first step. We do this through embodiment practice, as well as examining the imprinted meaning that swirls around the traumas of the past. 


This is the beginning of the resurrection of the self. The phoenix starts flapping its wings in the ashes of despair. And soon flies high above.

For those of us who somehow, found a way to be successful, high performing, entrepreneurial, and artistic with our gifts while dealing with unprocessed trauma, these places are often so scary to travel to.

We fear that moving through the pain will lead to our demise. That it will turn us into a couch potato wallowing in self-pity. We think of our emotions as the ghosts that haunt the houses of our psyche. But they are the guides. 


The places you are blocked in your artistry, in your sales, in your messaging, in your music/writing?

Those are the places that healing your emotional wounds will unlock you highest, and most divine potential. Those are the places of resurrection.

But to get there, you must begin the journey of meeting yourself in those places where you left yourself behind.
You must remember the sacred vessel of your body and listen.

It knows the way. 


To work with me 1-1, you can go to www.shylacash.com/workwithme I have opened up availability and it is my joy to walk with you as you transform the places of your deepest pain into  your infinite well of power. Not only will this work transform how you do your work in the world as a high performer, entrepreneur, or artist, leading to higher success as you break through your upper-limits. It will also allow you to come home to yourself, which is most important. My 1-1 coaching program is a container for transformation, let’s do this work together. 


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