Magic is done from the heart, not the mind...

"Magic is done from the heart, not the mind..."

A quote from A Discovery of Witches lol. A show my husband and I have been devouring over the past weekend. 

But isn't it true? 

I'm not against the mind. After all I believe our thoughts create our results. 
But I believe the mind must be "COHERENT" - basically fully connected - to the heart. And this is the piece of trauma healing that many miss - or inherently fear. 

That everything you FEEL - deep within the regions of the body and self. Everything you ARE is where your magic comes from. Even the "magic" of healing from years of childhood trauma or family dysfunction. 

All the keys you have are within you already. Within your beating heart. And all that we do is about coming back to that - isn't it? 

The magic of you? Is in your heart. 

Your hearts work, your heart's guidance, your heart's truth. 

And all of this is about trust. About knowing that no amount of "thinking" all by itself will get you where you want to go. It's the thinking that is informed and connected in a beautiful flowing line to the heart - that's the thinking that gets you somewhere. Not the clouded thinking of a brain just trying to survive. But thinking that is completely, totally, in line with your heart's truth.

You can have everything you desire - it's all available to you - but it comes from your heart, not your mind. 

And so you'll have to trust your heart - both the physical real beating heart (and all your other organs for that matter) - and the deeper, more metaphorical "heart" if you truly want to heal your life. 

At a certain point - there's really no other choice, is there? 
You just come to know in the deepest parts of you - that it's all that matters - and that when you surrender fully to what your heart feels and knows to be true, everything falls into place.  That your heart knows the way, that your heart IS the way. 

Haven't you denied it for long enough? 
Haven't you run for long enough? 
Isn't now the time, for a more intent kind of listening? 
Isn't now the time for the magic of you, that you thought was lost and broken from all the neglect/abuse/shame/trauma, isn't it time for that magic that's still within your heart - to come through? 

If this kind of deeper heart work is pulling at you, you're invited to join me for my 1-1 coaching experience. 6 months of deep work that brings you back to your essence. The part of you that you have KNOWN all along. The part of you that IS you. Getting to know yourself deeply - through the beautiful vessel of your body - building a bridge back home to you... and then? healing the thinking mind from the perils of C-PTSD and survival focus. Releasing the self-imposed rules and unraveling you like the beautiful gift that you are to yourself and the world.
It's hard to describe the work we do together - other than that my clients see the results they are looking for - and more. 
The work we do is absolutely life-changing in the practical and spiritual sense. And it will change how you look at yourself and how you look at your healing. 
If you're in a place of readiness for this... A place where you know for sure that you're ready for everything to completely change in your life, send me a DM or book a consult here: and we will talk about what it takes to get started working together.  



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