About Power..

Power comes through all kinds of vessels
The vessel can crack
It can break right open
Sometimes that’s necessary
Other times the vessel is flexible
It moves with the force - with the energy 
Ebbing and flowing

Our job is never to wonder and contemplate how it’s going to come up - our power. 

How it’s going to show up for us in our lives.....

Our job is to trust that the power is there. 


And it might have to move through some emotional heaviness and fear and shame and uncertainty.

But it’s there. It’s emerging

As you release.

And it will do what it needs to do to come out and to emerge

And 99.999999% of our job is to allow it through


And if you break and crack while your power is coming through, that’s okay.

That’s all part of it. 

So if you’ve been struggling to find your voice

To be seen

To live from your heart and embody the queen energy that was meant for you...


If you feel like there’s way too much trauma there - too much insecurity and fear, and trepidation and shame and uncertainty…. You’re WRONG.  It’s not too much - you’re not too much of anything. 

Do you see? All that? That too muchness?

That’s all part of it. That is the way it comes through - THROUGH your insecurity and fear and trepidation and shame and uncertainty. 

The trembling is part of the process. The vessel and the energy fusing - integrating - becoming one.

These are the ingredients for transcendence. 

In your voice.

From your heart. 

Your capacity to OWN your life and your domain is fully there and present and available for you.  YOUR power. Will you allow it? 

Will you trust your own power to come through you? 

Will you surrender? 


The more you push your life forward, gritting teeth and white-knuckling the whole thing?
The more you push your raw power down under.

Buried beneath the past and the old identity and the tired old story about how there is something wrong with you and you better work for it. You better have the sweat to prove that you deserve to embody any ounce of confidence and power? 

But power is raw.  It is a stepping up. And a standing.  It's just there. Ready for you to access at any time with a simple decision. 

My New Years Heart Centred Woman workshop is coming up! We start Dec 23rd.

This is full releasing and receiving work from the heart. Expanding into all you are, to allow you to live from your heart of hearts. To stop allowing the thinking mind to separate you from your wholeness and integrate with your BEINGNESS.

Plus the early bird bonus ( when you sign up before December 15th ) is a gorgeous Ted Baker London Rose Gold Heart Necklace 🖤🖤

DM me to find out more about the workshop.



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