Life, Healing, It's All About Opening

Life, Healing... It’s all about opening. 

Last night I had a surge of sadness move through my full body for seemingly “no reason”. I wept. This morning I had the same. I wept. Full body chest weeping and heart-opening. It is what it is. No resistance. No shame. No fear.

Gone are the days of resistance to what is.

Gone are the days of resisting the full body nervous system and spiritual release.
I wonder if we’ve become so sanitized to what we should be feeling and thinking that we’ve forgotten what we ARE actually feeling and thinking in this moment.
When you’re beginning the journey of healing, you’re beginning the journey of opening. And when you’re opening, at first, you don’t want to rip the thing open because what will explode out may explode you and cause you to hurriedly seal that thing back on shut and keep on going through the motions.

But as time goes on and as you grow, the opening process is much more fluid. The rigidity gives way to movement and flow. And that flow gives way to the bigger stuff. The deeper stuff that’s been sealed up shut in the body, mind, and spirit for years - or even, generations. And of course, the purpose becomes clearer, the vision becomes clearer.

The thing with this work is that it’s never done. I know you think you know that but really let it move into you. It’s never done. You’re not here to be done. You’re here to be in the flow.

When you first go to the gym - if you’ve never gone before, you’ve got to start with the 3 to 5 pound weights. You can’t blast in there without the strength and conditioning being built up and lift 150 lbs. But as you get stronger, you increase what you lift - you increase the resistance. Because you’ve got the conditioning and the strength to take on the big stuff without it killing you.

Such is life and healing. In the beginning we lift the 3-5 pound weights of old scars, traumas, fears, and limitations. But as we expand and become increasingly resistant, what comes up doesn’t reduce, in fact - what comes up is more intense, and deeper - but with increased resilience comes the increased power to be there. To sit with it. To feel it. And to allow ourselves to expand with it.

Life is not a stagnant pond. It is an ocean and a sky and a galaxy and it is always in motion. And so are you. Always moving toward more clarity, more vision, more purpose, and more power.

Don’t stagnate the flow. Allow your physical, spiritual, and emotional body to release what needs releasing. Nothing is more important. As you regulate and come into balance so does your life. As the inner world becomes less chaotic and heavy, so does your outer world. But only if you let it.

Only if you trust, and cultivate your inner garden. Feed your life force. Instead of starving it and sanitizing it and making it appealing to anyone and everything but you. You are the one who has to drink from that well, so do the work of purifying the water. 3 pounds here. 5 pounds there. Until that stream is distilled down to the crystal clear essence.

Your alignment. Your integrity. Your truth. Your purpose.
Will you grow with life or shrink?
Will you resist what is being brought forth within you? Or will you go forward with all that resistance and fear and limitation and look yourself in the eye to see the seed of faith that will conquer everything.
I suppose I’m asking… Who are you?
Who will you choose to be?
And it makes no sense at all - maybe - but maybe it makes all the sense in the world.


Deep Healing and Spiritual Power begins todayyyyy.... In fact we’re having our first live call at 3:00pm EST and it’s all about the body, nervous system implications of healing, the imprints on the body often reflect the imprints of the soul. So this first week is all about finding grounding and safety within the body. Because the body is the vessel which contains the soul - and it has just as much wisdom.

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