Freedom from Survival

🌺Speak these words over your life and family with a hand on your heart or tummy (or both) and take them into your being🌺
This is an excerpt from the FREEDOM FROM SURVIVAL CLEARING PRAYER we are doing tomorrow inside SUPERNOVA.
I am always writing new healing prayers as they come through me, to address the needs of my clients and the healing of humanity needs as a collective body.
The spiritual hunger in the Western world is massive, and I believe our survival stress around money has a lot to do with this deep need for spiritual nourishment.
We simply cannot expect to neglect our bodies and spirits and feel prosperous at the same time.
Tomorrow’s SUPERNOVA call is all about Embodied Prosperity, with a section on your nervous system and prosperity. I will be going through the different nervous system states and how the body holds patterns and becomes dependent on these states. These patterns have a direct impact on our financial health. Whether you are making 1m per year, or 100,000 per year in business or your career, we always have work to do when it comes to our prosperity journey - it’s lifelong healing and alignment that when it is embraced can be a lifelong miracle of growth and expansion.
With money - survival programs are usually embedded quite deeply because of the collective conditioning as well as the wounds and traumas in the family tree. Clearing these from the system creates space for you to calibrate to ever increasing amounts, and prevents you from moving out of harmony with nature and your body to do business.
My programs are holistic, meaning we do spiritual work, embodiment work, and mindset work. Because you’re a whole human with many parts to you. And lasting transformation always takes into account all those parts.
The amazing women in there are already experiencing massive shifts as they move out of survival paradigms in business and into a much more nourishing way of embracing the prosperity journey.
Here’s a post after our first call from one of the women in the Facebook Group:
“After yesterday’s session I went upstairs to do some work and it just flowed so easily without inner criticism or fear of it being judged.
Today working has felt energizing and easier than it has in a really long time… Maybe ever.
I look forward to seeing a deeper transformation knowing we just scratched the surface yesterday!”
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