Healing from Trauma is Rebirth

Healing from trauma is rebirth.
Of soul and body.
It’s coming home.
It’s listening to the truth - that comes from inside your cells and DNA.
It is a deep surrender and letting go of what once allowed you to survive and now causes you hindrance and pain and trauma re-enactment.
It’s a deep breath of alignment into your sacred geometry.
It’s the revelation your nervous system experiences of the felt-sense that “it’s over, and I’m alive”
It is reclaiming your place in the world, and realizing you belong and indeed have a purpose within it - a contribution.
It’s your altar of letting go of the projections of fear and shame of your family tree, and stand in who you actually are.
It is your heroes journey - your individualized journey that only you can travel - though trustworthy guides lift you up along the way and share themselves with you.
And there are seasons of this rebirth, you dive into some deep patterns and you come up for air and integrate and enjoy the new space.
And then as your body leads you, you dive in again.
If you’d like my help on your healing and rebirth journey, I would love to support you! Your mind, body and soul will gently experience new patterns. Patterns which are much healthier for you, your energy levels, your spirit and your mind.
To apply for 6 months of 1-1 coaching with me, go to www.shylacash.com ♥️

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