4 Areas to Focus on to Create a Life of Healing, Success & Alignment

 Four Areas to Focus on to Create a Life of Healing, Success, and Alignment. 

  1. Trauma Healing, & Embodiment
    2.Your True Work (purpose-work and contribution),
    3. Spirituality, And
    4. Abundance (expanding capacity for wealth) 

Today, we'll discuss the first of these four areas: Trauma-Healing. 



Trauma Healing

This is one area that most ambitious, high-performing people tend to avoid. But the truth is that all humans have experienced trauma to varying degrees at one point or another. Trauma is simply too much, too soon, too fast, for our processing abilities at the time (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical). And, all humans have the ability to heal.


Trauma healing is first about restoring and creating a sense of stability, safety and security inside of ourselves. If you’re familiar with the chakra systems (energy centres) , the root chakra is the place where our physical body makes contact with life itself. I think this is helpful in understanding the importance of trauma healing. Think of it as the root of your success and alignment. 


If our physical body, the container which we experience life through, is holding onto deep seated fears, shocks, survival stressors, chaotic energy as a result of traumatic imprinting (shock of unexpected events, chronic stress, childhood adversity, etc), we might create success and somehow still feel unbalanced, chaotic and rely on outside substances or ever-increasing goals for relief. Or we might experience a constant impulse to burn things down. Or find that as we create increasing success, we feel worse. 


To put it simply - you have to have a solid foundation in order to create success that feels GOOD. You want the energy that powers your ambition to be balanced and healthy, not scattered, wounded and chaotic. You want to feel wholeness in your driven pursuit of your desires rather than feeling stripped, raw and exposed. 

Since we all have different levels of trauma in our systems as a result of our family tree, what had/didn’t have growing up (including emotional nurture and presence) we all start at varying degrees with trauma healing. 

However - ALL PEOPLE must involve trauma healing in their lifestyle to experience deep success. It’s simply a focus on making sure your nervous system is tuned up, in a state of building resilience, and generally functioning in repair rather. 

If you try to skip this step, or simply don’t know about it, you might notice that affirmations and mindset work kind of hurts. It feels stressful, confusing and frustrating and comes with increasing resistance and unhealthy PUSH. 

It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s that you’ve got to start with the roots - we all come to the journey from a different starting place. It may be for you, that you’ve got to start with simply coming home to your body and creating a sense of safety, security, and wholeness there. The more that sense of safety increases inside your body, the more you will be able to apply mindset and affirmation work.  

Being humble enough to face the toll our past has taken on our bodies does NOT hinder success. It simply enhances it. And ensures that we hold within us the energy required to do our powerful creative work in the world. 


There’s nothing wrong with you. You came here to do great things, create massive success, and feel good doing it. Trauma healing is only the beginning darling, not the end.

So, How Do You Start Doing the Work of Trauma Healing & Increasing Your Sense of Safety Inside Your Body? 
Explore your body right here and right now. Don’t go digging for bad stuff. 

Your body is wise, and it will guide you toward the information and wisdom you need. But first, you have to come back to now. 

You don’t have to go hacking away at your past looking to expunge all the bad shit. 

Instead, simply notice your present sensations (I’ve got resources in my facebook group for this - click the link in bio for more). Start with what your body feels like right here, and right now.  

Depending on the amount of stored stress/trauma in your system, simply focusing on the present moment and how your body FEELS in the present moment can provide a bit of release. You might notice tears, tingling, heat or just a bit of tension when you simply focus on what it feels like to be in your body. Or, you may notice nothing at all at first. It’s important not to bring an agenda to this. It’s just a present moment curiosity.  Practice a gentle intention with this. This is not a pushing for a breakthrough or a cathartic intention. Instead it’s an open, non-resistant, gentle curiosity. There is no right and wrong. There is no bad or good, and there is no should/shouldn’t in this space. This is a space of exploration. This is simply your experience of your physical body right here, right now. 

If it seems so simple that it’s almost nothing, then that’s great! It really is that simple to begin. 

You want to make a daily habit and practice, and eventually lifestyle of this. 
This is the seeds and beginnings of “embodiment” 

Trauma healing isn’t one and done, it’s really a life-style of releasing the pent-up stress in your system. For those of us who’ve had really rough, nasty childhoods, trauma-healing is a massive piece of the pie in your alignment, success, and wealth creation.

If we build healing and embodiment practices into our life, other things seem to work much easier.  


We’ve got to respect our physical bodies, what they’ve endured. We’ve got to honour and make sure our roots are in a state of repair most of the time. It doesn’t mean you abandon mindset work, or spirituality, or drop all your ambitions to focus on trauma - it’s not so black and white. It’s more of an intention to ensure that you’re doing what is within your power to tend to your roots, and cultivate a state of safety and security inside of you. 


PS… I love to work with ambitious, high-performing people because you know you’re here to do amazing things in the world. You’re on a mission. You’ve already accomplished lots. And that is to be honoured and commended. What I love about working with you is being able to help you create a deeper sense of safety and security inside of you so that you can then launch off from firm and solid foundations. This work is far from doom and gloom. It’s really about unleashing all the precious energy of life within you, that’s been stuck and blocked by pain and hurt. That’s all. You’ve already created so much, let’s expand into even more, from a balanced and healthy place inside you. Book a free consultation with me here and let’s talk about where you’re at on your journey and see if this work is right for you. 


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